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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by Shiki »

The feedback link doesn't work. Try this in your _server.pbl:
How did I end up in this part of the internet?

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by Rhylla »

Some dialogue suggestions.

For the intro:
First off, I will say that the ideas expressed in the intro are beautiful. As a writer myself, the actual meaning you were striving to put into words was lovely. But the words that you use to convey the ideas don't always work. This is quite understandable, as English isn't your native tongue. But as it is mine, I can give you some suggestions on how to get your point across better.

The intro's probably the most important part of your story, since that's the first impression your readers are going to get. It's also the most awkward linguistically for you, probably because it's an unbroken monologue. I have some suggestions below, but those are mostly grammatical errors. If you care about the flow and structure of the intro, I can give you some ideas on how to help with that as well.

"In my deepest slumber was hearing voices of resentment" ---> "In my deepest slumber, I heard voices of resentment"
"remnants of a grieful song for the beloved lost" not sure what you're trying to say there. Do you mean they were singing a song for the lost/dead souls? Then something like "singing a mournful song for the beloved lost" would work much better. Or "singing a mournful song for those they had lost".
"Suffering while thousand blades" ---> either "suffering while a thousand blades" or "suffering while thousands of blades"
"As soul that pulls itself outside their intended direction" again, not quite sure what you mean. I'd suggest something like "As a soul that pulled itself away from the intended direction"
"Under the starfull sky" ---> "under the star-filled sky"
"an old acquaintance, pleading for help to anyone" there isn't anything grammatically incorrect with this, but I personally feel like "an old acquaintance who pleaded for anyone to help, even the spirits of the dead" is much clearer and flows better.

The first dialogue scenario:
"others were focused to questioning Yrael" ---> "others were focused on questioning Yrael"
"the Antechamber of Worlds.." either take off a period or add in another.
"But we already lost the periphery" ---> "but we've/we have already lost the periphery"
"We've all came because of that promise" ---> "we've all come because of that promise" or "all of us have come because of that promise"
"Its cold...cold..." ---> "it's cold...cold..."
" for Celenir, we need..." ---> " for Celenir. We need..."

I don't want to overload you with too many suggestions, so I'll stop there. I do have a question, though - I can't summon anything, even after I've been given the option in the Drowned City scenario. Other people seem to have the same problem, so I guess it's a coding issue?

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by FortTell »

What are you supposed to do in the Lone Farm sidequest? I got it from Adriath when searching for Kazur's seals, went to the farm and did the quest
which pointed me towards the
I think? But when I went there, I found no one that I could interact with concerning the sidequest, even though I have looked pretty much around the whole map. And I cannot finish the quest by speaking to Adriath, too.

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by Mzwa »

I can't seem to find my way out of 'Rebirth-The Chosen Glade' I'm currently on turn 136. I'd be saying I'm overlooking something if it was not for the Lua error messages that I'm getting. Here are some snap shots ... sp=sharing

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by RainKnight »

Sorry that I write this late, I am seeing the issues about the coding and the chapter III. To tell the truth, I'll never have thought I'll ever find myself time to code again. Thank you for your patience, but resuming this project has proved difficult because inconsistencies between chapters, so I'll need to revamp the code it before adding the next chapters.

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by Mzwa »

Okay cool; thanks for the reply.

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by WackoJacko »

Hey mate,
a Lua error occurs the first time I try to evoke a Soulless. I believe this is due to an extra bracket. However I'm a total newbie when it comes to programming so I could be wrong. Have attached a screenshot for you.
Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 10.54.03 am.png
Another bug; Fighting in the "Chosen Glade", the enemies get banished and the dialogue occurs. Seems like the scenario should automatically end however once I end my turn more enemies spawn (about 15 of them) and when i kill them another error message occurs. I have attached the screenshot. Not sure what I'm meant to do from here :/
Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 3.11.01 pm.png
Just noticed this is the sane problem as the previous post. Whenever you get around to it is fine :)
Please note that unlike a few previous posters I did not go see the mage to do the Lone Farm side quest, I just happened to explore there while searching for the three seals. Not sure if this is relevant or not so I thought I would post it anyways.

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Re: Rebirth_in_Nature - RPG Campaign

Post by Saikyoushi »

Regarding the problem with evoking a soulless, as previously posted, there is indeed an extra bracket after 'necromancy_soulless()' in the 00_Beginning.cfg File. Removing that gives you the ability to summon a soulless but gives you another error, which prevents your energy from decreasing. To fix that, you have to change the 9 in this line 'local cost = wesnoth.get_variable('evocation[9].energy')' from the Evocation.lua file to 1: 'local cost = wesnoth.get_variable('evocation[1].energy')' . This only works though if you start a new campaign. If you already have a save file, you have to edit the Evocation.lua file the same way as mentioned above, but instead of in the 00_Beginning.cfg file you have to remove the extra bracket in your save File. To do that, you need to decompress the .gz save file with something like 7zip. Then you have to find the 'necromancy_soulless())' part, remove the bracket and save your file. Then you need to compress this file to a .gz file (for example by using an online converter) and put it back in the saves directory for wesnoth. Loading that file should do the trick. (:

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