[campaign] Unlikely Companions advertising for collaborators

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[campaign] Unlikely Companions advertising for collaborators

Post by Can-ned_Food » June 7th, 2018, 10:57 pm

This began with me thinking that all those MP campaigns which feature a small group of heroes on a quest should have some accomodation for the actual number of humans participating.

With the campaign Unlikely Companions, there are five heroes, but the [side] on which they belong varies with the actual number of players. One player can control all five on the same side, or five players can each control one on a different side.
Of course, if you were doing it hotseat, then you could decide to do it however you want.

This technical premise is what preceeded my need to have a story to go with the heroes.

Code: Select all

	description =	_"
	  The lands of each home             
	   gasped for breath, so             
	    inundated in bloods              
	     which they pulled               
	      from themselves:               
	        red from the Huums,          
	         who bore standards high;    
	        black from the Gorks,        
	         for hungers to burn;        
	        blue from the Siðz,          
	         dwellers in mire;           
	        sepia from the Elanes,       
	         sapped like cousins,        
	          the trees;                 
	        pallor green from the Nŋmḿ,  
	         dimly glowing in moonlight. 
	  One of all those together          
	   are five.                         
	   Five shall confront               
	    at the nexus                     
	     of fate.                        
	description_alignment =	right
Oh, yeah: I've changed the names of the races.
Humans are now Huums; Orcs are now Gorks; Saurians are now Siðz; and Elves are now Elanes — that's el-an-es, not ‘Elaines’ or something. The Nŋmḿ are a form of oozes.

It occurs sometime in the pre–Wesnoth history. I didn't want to surround it too much with the established stuff, so it occurs early enough that I can introduce a new Ooze parendom.

So — there is pretty much all that I've got at this time.

This one should be rather more straightforward than most of my other projects, and therefore easy to develop, but I'm not too attached to the story — or lack thereof, as it seems: ergo, I've decided to open it for collaboration early in the development.

All it really needs is the special hero units, with new sprites and audio, and scenarios.
I'm working now on the inventory and advancement systems.

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