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HttT Revised

Post by Caladbolg » June 2nd, 2018, 4:11 pm

Hello! This is a feedback thread for the 'Heir to the Throne Revised' campaign, my take on the classic HttT. The framework is basically the same, most of the changes are to the characters and the plot details.

Over a year ago I wanted to revive interest in improving HttT and I started modding it so that I bring something more than ideas to the table. However, I got carried away and instead of it being 'a few minor changes to get the community started on discussing HttT', it ended up being 'a standalone, subjective take on HttT'. Then RL got in the way and I never published it. I dug it up just a while ago and made some more tweaks. Some scenarios are pretty much the same as before, but in general, changes to the dialog, characterizations, and plot details should make it different enough to seem fresh even to veterans.

This was my first encounter with WML so it's nothing spectacular on that front, I'm still learning. Some files are straight-up copied from HttT and it'd be more efficient if they were called from the core campaign. Some plot holes have been fixed but it's now more dialog-heavy; I tend to over-explain things. No balancing was done because I'm only one person and it's time-consuming; I was aiming for flavor more than gameplay. In general, I feel like I've made it harder overall. So there are flaws I'm aware of, but I think I improved the story and characterization. I'm particularly fond of how Li'sar turned out, but Konrad and Delfador also got some more depth.

Anyways, Heir to the Throne Revised is out on 1.12. server. If you don't mind a more story&character-oriented campaign, it might be your cup of tea. Most of the changes were made according to my personal tastes and might not be in line with what the developers intended for the fully polished HttT. Bigger changes start from 'The Princess of Wesnoth' scenario so the first part can be a bit same-y. Any feedback is welcome! :D

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Re: HttT Revised

Post by Konrad2 » June 17th, 2018, 10:46 am

I'd like to point out that most people do not use Wesnoth 1.12. anymore, as 1.14. has been the stable version for over a month now. So yeah. It's unlikely you will get a lot of feedback.
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Re: HttT Revised

Post by BTIsaac » June 17th, 2018, 2:56 pm

Actually, i still use 1.12
Not sure if 1.14 ever gets ported to android, and a lot of the umc isn't ported so...

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Re: HttT Revised

Post by zookeeper » Yesterday, 7:49 pm

I took a look at the changes, and the story/dialogue ideas seem pretty solid. There's a lot of details to polish (typos, some of the language in general, some exchanges could perhaps be condensed), but overall I think it does improve some of the characterizations a lot.

Some quick thoughts:

- Asheviere's impedes ability is a pretty huge tomato surprise, and probably hard to navigate because the movement range highlighting won't reflect it. A tomato spawn of 6 Royal Guards within attack distance (nor the nagas) don't exactly make it more gentle, either.

- I'd argue that the "Your king will [...]" references from DM don't fit: one plays HttT before DM (or should, anyway) and the line in DM is a reference to HttT, so this is basically HttT making a reference to something in DM that is a reference to HttT. It's not and wouldn't be explained in HttT and would appear inexplicably cryptic to anyone who hasn't played DM. It is a good idea and used neatly, but in this case I think it's too confusing and not self-contained enough.

- Eleanora is an interesting addition. Perhaps her first appearance could be split between Ford of Abez and Dwarven Doors? I'm also not entirely sure whose side she is on. Her first appearance made it seem to me like she secretly hopes that Li'sar would indeed defy the orders, then on her second appearance she seems to be genuinely working against the rebels, and on her final appearance she just doesn't seem to care much either way. I'm inclined to suggest that she'd be a character who's secretly rooting for Li'sar and/or the rebels and gently trying to nudge them along but always maintaining plausible deniability, only abandoning Asheviere at the last moment.

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