Chieftain Granak(v0.01)

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Chieftain Granak(v0.01)

Post by Xara » May 31st, 2018, 12:30 pm

This is the feedback thread for the campaign Chieftain Granak.

The story is about an Orcish tribe leader refusing to join a chieftain, therefore getting chased into human territory. Started as hired blades, but soon betrayed the employer. Then he raided in Wesnoth to raise fund, came back to Orc's land and beat the chieftain, made himself the new one.

Current version is 0.01. There are 4 working scenarios, while around 15 planned in total.

Me no native speaker, English may bad.

Feedbacks and bug reports are welcome.
It pronounces Sha'ha, not Zara.

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