A Little Adventure (SP campaign for 1.14)

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Re: A Little Adventure (SP campaign for 1.14)

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Novice campaign??? On the "difficult" difficulty setting this campaign is unplayable. Scenarios 1 and 2 are easy, I beat them without losing any loyal units and with plenty of turns to spare. The naga fight is kind of difficult, but winnable. Traveling through the wolves/bats infested hills is impossible. Every turn the enemy receives 70-100 gold worth of units (you have around 200-250 gold of units). all of their units have 8 movement and ignore all terrain. That was probably the least fun wesnoth scenario I've ever played.

Because the wolves/bats scenario was impossible, I cheated to go to the next scenario- merfolk vs saurians. Here, you have 100 gold to fight 500-600 gold of enemy starting units. They also have 4 times your income, plus receive 100 gold more of free sea serpents every few turns. All this would be fine, except that the turn limit is so low that you literally have to just charge against the enemy constantly or you will run out of turns.

On "difficult" this novice level campaign is the most unbalanced, impossible campaign I have ever played on Wesnoth, and I've played probably 20+ campaigns. Did you just never test the campaign on "difficult"?

Anyway sorry I'm being harsh, I'm feeling very frustrated after investing so much time into a clearly broken campaign.
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