The Ravagers 1.3 - SP campaign for Wesnoth 1.14 [Feedback and development]

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Re: The Ravagers 1.3 - SP campaign for Wesnoth 1.14 [Feedback and development]

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This bug seems to originate from another mod or add-on that you have installed, because I cannot reproduce it on a clean game, but I see where the problem is.
My guess is that it's The Reign of the Lords, because the broken id that the advancement is referring to has ROL as abbreviation. I downloaded it, and it indeed inserts another Armageddon Drake to the game with this exact id, but it doesn't crash for me, and the unit can advance fine.
That's as far as I can go with this because it's not my add-on. See if you have their latest version. If not, then it could be a past bug, and updating it will probably solve the problem. If it's already the latest, then this should probably be reported in ROL's topic, referring that when the add-on is installed, its inserted Armageddon Drake is not recognized in a singleplayer game when trying to advance a core Inferno Drake.

KillerKetchup wrote:
May 24th, 2020, 9:22 pm
As for the commands, I didn’t know where they could be inputed, but I found it
If you indeed managed to find how to input them, then fixing your drake is just a few clicks. Open the console, type debug, enter. The game should drop a message that it entered debug mode. "Mouse over" the drake (I don't know how to do this on mobile though, maybe you just need to select it), then type to the console unit advances_to=Armageddon Drake, enter. The unit should now be fixed, type nodebug to exit debug mode.
(Note that this only fixes this one drake, and any other spawned Inferno Drakes will be susceptible to the same bug as long as the same state of your setup persists.)

I just had another thought: if you had ROL installed back when you received the drake, but have recently uninstalled it, then that will cause this exact error. It is unsafe to remove addons that insert stuff into the general path, while running saved games. Reinstalling ROL should solve the issue, if this is the case :)
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