Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

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Do you want this add-on on 1.14 NOW before After the Storm is ready?

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Whiskeyjack » October 14th, 2018, 4:55 pm

Hey Shadowm,

I played through most of IftU months ago and just finished the last few turns today, here is the feedback I noted, while playing through the campaign. I played on version 2.1.1, easy, on Wesnoth 1.14.

On a more general note, I can say that after playing through the campaign again for the first time in years, I can now get, why you do not think so highly of a lot of the story - it is in some parts a weaker rip-off of UtBS, especially in the
All that said, I wouldn't be as critical as you sometimes sounded of your own work, because I think some flashes of greatness are already there - the world-building in the background and some things concerning character development are really well done. Also, Mal Keshar is simply a great joy to play with, I really like his humor and think you did a great job working with his character!

For the scenarios: some gameplay, some typos, some story stuff.

Episode 1
Scenario 2: A Real Confrontation:
Scenario 4: Over the Sands:
Scenario 8: Errand of Hope:
Scenario 10: The Source of Light:
Scenario 11: Strike on Herthgar:
Episode 2
Scenario 14: Bye and Behold:
Scenario 14y: The Grand Council:
Scenario 15: Parting Ways:
Scenario 16: Dawn of War:
Scenario 20: The Heart:
Scenario 22B: Dark Hive:
Scenario 23B: Until Death:
Best regards!
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Sadaharu » October 17th, 2018, 10:24 pm

Some parts of the story will be easier to understand once you've played After the Storm.

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by shadowm » October 18th, 2018, 4:07 am

About the elvish NPCs (mild spoilers for AtS and UtBS as well):
Also, I tend to see the “you must be this attentive to enter this ride” check as a good thing rather than a bad thing since this culls out at least half of the people who wouldn’t be able to stomach AtS — or what’s supposed to come next, for that matter.

Late IftU spoilers:
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by SpiderAja » October 20th, 2018, 11:17 am


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