Oath of Allegiance [SP Desert People Campaign for 1.13.5]

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Re: Oath of Allegiance [SP Desert People Campaign for 1.13.5]

Post by PastaSaucey » September 5th, 2018, 6:46 pm

First of all, man I just wanted to say "great job!" because this is a killer campaign. I'm only half-way through it and it is already my second favorite :D. I think so far you are unmatched in terms of creative objectives.

As far as I know, no where else can I close badguy-spewing portals, chase a gorgon across a palace, sabotage catapults, and trade with the merchants of the City of Gold (see? I actually read the dialogue :P).

And even the artistic quality of each map is second only to To Lands Unknown in my opinion. And that is by no means diminishing your skill. But actually, OoA reminds me of TLU in some ways (the music being one of them. Did you two decide to share the camel soup track? Pls let me know).

I have so many questions to ask you, some of which I asked inferno8 as well. Like, for example, is there a sequel coming? I sure hope so. the ending left me hanging …

Anyway, a few minor tweaks to the dialogue might be nice. For example, when Uthain talks to his bear Petz, the bear squeaks in response. I'm no animal behavior expert, but I'm pretty sure bears don't squeak …

Also, After you win the scenario where you close those red portals, ibn Ghani calls for his men to "Summon his mighty steed." The problem was, I had leveled Ghani up so that he already had his (ugly) steed, mainly because he was so weak (another question: was that intentional?).
So you can imagine I was thinking, "oooh, what's he gonna get next? A dragon?" And to see no changes was a bit dissatisfying to me. So maybe he can say that only if he is still on foot?

But overall, great job. And, if you got to this point, thank you for suffering through my disjointed paragraphs that were peppered with pop up quizzes :lol:. Oh, and thanks for fixing the portrait of the gorgon. It was definitely more … disturbing in the past

Oh, one more question: Is there something between Ilriel and Ilaroth? They seem a bit ... close. Sorry, I'm a bit of a romantic :oops:

Anyway, peace and if you want to know more about me, click the link below.

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Re: Oath of Allegiance [SP Desert People Campaign for 1.13.5]

Post by Kwandulin » September 8th, 2018, 6:22 pm

Thanks! That's nice to hear!

The Camel Soup track is by West afaik, and had been uploaded in a music package some time ago. I made a sequel but did not manage to finish it and gave up eventually. And unfortunately I am not much interested in updating or maintaining the campaign any longer, so I just hope that it'll survive the next greater updates of BfW.

I hope that you enjoyed the rest of the campaign!

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Re: Oath of Allegiance [SP Desert People Campaign for 1.13.5]

Post by Sadaharu » September 11th, 2018, 5:16 am

Great campaign. I have a fuller report I'll post in a couple days, but:
(I know you're not interested in maintaining it, but if you or anybody else picks it up in the future they'd better know)

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