Carved in Stone 0.8.0 [SP Dwarven Campaign for 1.13]

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Re: Carved in Stone 0.8.0 [SP Dwarven Campaign for 1.13]

Post by Whiskeyjack »

Here is my replay of the scenario, perhaps it helps to give you some ideas!?

To beat this scenario you certainly need to abuse some hero advancements as well as the bear riders knockback ability (to avoid getting bogged down), I don't think this is manageable otherwise. Even given that, I think it took me a couple of tries to finish this, although with less save scumming than I expected - besides the "restart turn" option I only save-loaded in turn 17. The scenario is probably beatable without it, but I'm kinda obsessive over not losing (loyal or experienced) units and finishing side objectives :D

Can't really give more specific tips, it's been over a year since I played this.

Edit: also, notice the flaming sword on the wolf, lol :lol:
CiS-Lands of Fire and Ice replay.gz
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Re: Carved in Stone 1.4.0 [SP Dwarven Campaign for 1.13]

Post by egallager »

Hi, are there any plans to add multiple difficulties to the campaign? I like to make edits to campaigns as I play thru them, but I also like to keep my edits contained to whatever the easiest difficulty is, so that I don't ruin parts that are actually supposed to be hard. Since CiS doesn't have multiple difficulties yet, though, I feel kind of reluctant to actually do so here. Changes in this area would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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