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Re: Elves Banding for War 1.0

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Finished level 5 today.
That was really hard level, at least relative to previous. I started played relaxed first time and to turn 25 founded that I simply dont have time to win in 30 turns.
Had to start it again from beginning. And even this time I finished it only in the last turn!
Still I was playing honestly, almost without reloads, was not trying to save units if they got bad luck and got killed.
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Here is annother replay, of 6th scenario.
Actually I thought that after I got so much lvl2 units in scenario 5, I will pass this level as knife through butter. Well, 38 turns I played without reloads at all, AI was totally helpless, but then I found that I am again in short of time. The problem is that dwarfs are not so easy to kill in mountains, and, especially, the place where dwarven hero hides is not easy to take. Also I shoudnt go to that damned cave from where dwarvish runemaster appeared, that delayed me, also I lost elvish sorceress because of him. I really hate these type of tomato-surprise-like hideouts from which jumps enemy units.

Well, I finished this scenario at last turn too. Tactically it was intresting, I dont remember that I played elves vs dwarfs in mountains, but 4 shydes I got to the end of scenario kills dwarfs realatively easely. Well, shydes rules almost everywhere.
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Overally northeast destination of elves 'banding' were MUCH harder then previous 4 scenarios. Not comparable at all. And yea, one more detail. After that henocide that my elves were forced to do with dwarves, do they really would be eager to help elves? I doubt. Well, I know that Wesnoth is not reality, but still. I killed 90 dwarves, and lost only 5 elves, it was henocide for sure.
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