Creation of a new campain

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Creation of a new campain

Post by Eru_Iluvatar »

I'll admit i'm terrible at coding and my attempts to do this have miserably failed. I was wondering if anyone sufficient enough in WML etc could help me make a campaign, *very* loosely based on the plot from Lord of the Rings (basically, people have to destroy a thing to stop an evil guy from taking over). I could make the maps and the dialogue, etc, but i would need help on the actual development of the campaign. Thanks!
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Re: Creation of a new campain

Post by Dugi »

You can't base your work on anything copyrighted, unless it is licensed under GPL, and Lord of the Rings isn't. A story about a group of guys going to destroy some talisman that keeps alive a dangerous evil that keeps sending enemies against them would probably be too obviously based on Lord of the Rings, even if the exact events were different. There was a lot of ideas to make a campaign about Lord of the Rings, believe me.

Moreover, there has been a lot of people telling that they had ideas for campaigns, but wanted someone else to code it. And most of these ideas were totally generic, about a group of guys going to fight some enemies and defeat their boss in the end. Learn to code it yourself, or you will achieve nothing. Setting up some sides, adding some maps, dialogues and victory/defeat conditions is absolutely easy, it requires no programming logic at all. Download a campaign named Campaign How-To to learn the basics, it'll be easy as nothing.
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Re: Creation of a new campain

Post by zookeeper »

As long as you come up with your own names and places and so on, there's nothing (legally) problematic about a plot very similar to LotR or whatever else. If LotR would be the first thing people would think of when they start your campaign, then sure, that's too similar, but otherwise no problem. Except that people don't tend to be very interested in plots like that.
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Re: Creation of a new campain

Post by TrashMan »

As long as you don't want anything fancy, making a campaign is easy.

The more complex things you want to happen, the more scripting (usually) required.
But in general it's not that difficult.
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