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Re: Campaign: A Few Logs

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Andrettin wrote:Thanks for the update, Turuk!
Certainly, thanks for playing through Cope's campaign and all of the feedback!
Andrettin wrote:I was now able to continue the campaign. The scenarios were quite nice. One comment: In the seventh scenario's dialogue, Jurtu says "particuarly" instead of "particularly". I also missed a bit the dwarvish way of speaking which is used in campaigns such as The Sceptre of Fire (with "yer" instead of "your" and etc.).
Ah, pesky l's going missing. I will fix that, and do what I can do try to make the dwarves more consistent in their speech patterns. I might have to look through those scenarios to get a feel for the 'dialect' that they use.
Andrettin wrote: I finished the campaign. When the last scenario began, there was talk of a saurian oracle which hadn't been mentioned before. It only became clear that the saurian oracle was holding drakes captive after he got killed (I didn't need to do anything, the elven-peasant-dwarven army did it on their own, although they gave me credit). I think that it would also be nice if there were some kind of epilogue.
See below, you are not the first to note such. ;) The last scenario is still being worked on by me a bit in order to make it fit properly into the rest of the campaign, both in terms of playability as well as consistency. I also want to give a proper ending for Torgrimfur instead of just ding-dong, the orc is dead, carry on with your lives. :P

Turuk wrote:
perseo wrote:The last scenario can't be beaten the first time as it's right now.
BTW 3 free recall of level 1 units??? (Or almost level 2, if you tell the player in the scenario before he could focus on top levelling one unit, but nothing is said).
See ya!
Last hour news: I've won the scenario without doing nothing.
You should fix the dialogue theme if someone who's not T kill's the saurian... anyway, I think this scenario must be completily redone... but well, that's just my opinion.
And some more dialogue at the end of the campaign wouldn't disturb anyone xD

S8 is on my to-do list for sure, I have it about halfway completed at the moment but still need to fine-tune some of the event's (such as the Saurian's death) as well as find a plausible way to help the player run the gauntlet with Torgrimfur. Perhaps adjusted movement until they reach a certain point, after a message from him saying they sprint for all they are worth? I've got some ideas at least.
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