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Dungeons of Wesnoth 0.61

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Well, I made another version 0.61:

I found some things I wanted to change so I did just that:

- Dungeon Level 2 - The Lich will start to summons troops, Rats and Zombies. After a while, the Lich will grow in power ad will gain additional income and better troops. So the enemy will get stronger over time and send "Waves". Added additional dialogues and upgraded the dungeon.

- Dungeon Level 4 - added the waves concept from level 2 and additional dialogues.

- Specified the error message, in case your current computer isn't good enough to play the cutscenes and detailed, epic graphics in chapter III ( :P ).

- Overworked all Layouts for Research, Spellcasting and Ressource Income.

- Spells have a description now.

- Upgrades show the current level of the upgrade.

- Balancing: Healing will now heal 30 hitpoints.

- New Spells: Pave and Create Farm, Pave will pave 7 tiles and Create Farm will create a Farm on Mushroom terrain. These new spells are available in Chapter IV.

- Added option to upgrade Kunga and the Lich. These upgrades are available once you built a smith.

- Repaired Upgrades, Buildings Upgrades will now be available to the next level, so you can become relatively powerful over time.
It's intended that these are infinite but that the costs grow exponentially, as the effect of upgrades isn't super high, I decided to do it this way.

- Added a secret to allow Kunga to get a new portrait.

- Changed wording in some cases.

- Cheating - will now allow to get teleport and a kill ability, which will allows you to test things out, if you want.
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