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Langrisser Sample Campaign

Post by Morath »

I'd been surprised that nobody wrote the code to facilitate Langrisser-style campaigns in Battle for Wesnoth (although considering how much work it is, I am not really that surprised anymore). This forum post is to let persons know that Langrisser-style campaigns are possible; the one I coded is called "Langrisser Sample Campaign". It uses Era of Squads code and adds some Langrisser-specific stuff.

Current notes:
  • There is no item shop.
  • Spells (Hein's fireball) can be cast from the context menu.
  • Resting gives back 30% health (instead of 2).
  • Squad healing exists; squad recruits positioned around a squad leader at the beginning of their turn are healed 30%.
  • Units gain experience as in wesnoth normally (instead of the squad leader getting all the experience).
  • All squad members die when a squad leader dies.
Feel free to discuss anything (including bugs) related to this add-on.

WanderingHero suggested that it might be confusing that this is called Langrisser Sample Campaign while being a standalone scenario, so version on the add-ons server is a proper campaign that will appear in the campaign menu.

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Re: Langrisser Sample Campaign

Post by Xara »

Hi, Morath.
I'm also a Langrisser fan in my childhood. After trying your addon on the server, I redownloaded the game and got addicted again for days, still nice game. Thanks for your try. :D
I think the hardest part about the Langrisser style is its AI. In Langrisser games, battle calculation was simple. But the mechanism is more complex in Wesnoth. So I think if you're only going to let the players' units have the langrisser mechanism, it's possible to save a lot of works. Based on this assumption, a normal campaign would be infeasible. But it would be great if the mechanism is applied to a Dimaga Beach style map, or simply a survive map.
BTW, the best part I like about Langrisser is its battle animations. Pitifully it can't be repeated in Wesnoth.
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