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Re: Five Fates 1.03, Dungeoncrawl

Post by white_haired_uncle »

Spelling and grammar updates attached.
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Five Fates 1.08 Update

Post by Heindal »

A new update for Five Fates:

- the random dungeons are back, unfortunately there is still a stupid white error message I can't get rid of (hours of testing ugh).
- however the dungeons work as they should
- random dungeons will called after level 1 of the dungeon and level 4 of the dungeon featuring unique random missions and enemies
- this will give you even more randomness to your game run, these levels however aren't mandatory and can be skipped
- doors can have random appearance (as in SL)
- during test runs I've noticed a long delay, I'm not quite sure what causes this.
- added a secret option somewhere in the game with a statue of white_haired_uncle
- this statue even has a positive side effect on the player

- targetmiddle and resistance bug are repaired now
- there are two different sizes of skilltrees now
- charmed has been overworked as in strange legacy, it has a 20% hitchance
- repaired transformspell - it will not end the game any more when transforming back :p
- updated some graphics (such as the steamgate, which always looked a little odd), door and missing images
- corrected grammar and spelling mistakes based on white haired uncles paper

Ugh beside annoying testing runs, I've also made the mistake to replace "its" with "it's". Not a smart move, as the source code contains a lot of words such as units. I could definitely do more for this add-on but for now I'm finished. The add-on is better than before, so enjoy the changes.
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