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Re: Burning Souls

Post by Pewskeepski »

vicente wrote:Hi Pewskeepski, the last scenario may need a little revision as well. I managed to kill Qwunvon in turn 3, and the rest was quite easy. :roll: I even waited until turn 6 to pick up the ankh, and still did not lose any drake units.
One problem is that Qwunvon's trait is "quick". You may want to give him either "strong" or "resilient" as well.
If you look at my reply, you can see that Qwunvon ran into the unfortunate hex (27,8), and was attacked by three drakes in one turn. At least based on my reply, this would be prevented by setting hex (27,8) as hills, and hex (25,8) as flat. In that case, I have to recruit fast drakes to block the way first.
I've made plans to redo this scenario, but I'm in need of the time to actually get it done. I will put thought into your suggestions when the time comes though.
vicente wrote:Also the undead recruited by Mal-Velekal attacked and killed himself. From the dialog, it seems like that this should not happen, as the lich says: "And afterwards, my magic shall grow strong enough that I'll be able to make my minions immune to it's power!"
...After he gets the ankh from Qwunvon, but since Kezek grabs it before he does, the drake is given the power and not him.
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Re: Burning Souls

Post by lostintime »

I said in the feedback thread for Burning Souls that I'd post some ideas for improving the scenario Reinforcements Needed. Overall I like the idea behind the scenario but it would be a lot more fun with a few tweaks.

The first thing I'd like to see changed are the starting objectives. It's clear from the initial dialog that the drakes' plan is for Kezek to leave the island and the objectives should reflect this. I'd suggest adding
description= _ "(Once Garish has the ankh and eggs Kezek must fight clear of the island)"
as a third objective so that the objective change partway through the scenario doesn't come as a surprise. I don't mind surprises in a scenario but this one was inappropriate.

On a side note you could simplify the WML by using the ON_DIFFICULTY macro, e.g.
description= _ "Bring enough eggs to Garish's keep ({ON_DIFFICULTY 2 3 4} Eggs)"

A minor point is a spelling correction:
description= _ "Destruction of too many eggs"

The next major point is that Garish fights poorly. The AI needs tweaking to prevent it doing silly things like attacking Spectres with melee attacks. I've experimented a bit and found that setting aggression=0.0 and further reducing aggression to -0.1 at night makes Garish fight much better. (Note: time_of_day doesn't work in an [ai] tag in Battle for Wensoth version 1.10.7 so I had to use events to change the aggression at night.)

Garish's drakes should stay out of the water. It's annoying watching my allies commit suicide against sea monsters and mermen by plunging into the sea. I've tested some changes for this and I'm happy to send you the WML if you're interested.

From the perspective of the storyline it feels wrong for Kezek as the Dominant to start this scenario with a dinky little castle but I'm not sure if that can be changed without messing up the balance of the scenario.
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