1.12/1.13 SP Campaign - Bad Moon Rising

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Re: 1.12/1.13 SP Campaign - Bad Moon Rising

Post by n_mouli » January 17th, 2018, 10:04 am

doofus-01 wrote:Thanks, I see what happened now. I'll upload a fix when I can, probably this weekend. In the meantime, if you want to get around it, you can add this line
just above the first [event] tag in the file, around line 28, of the file <userdata>/data/add-ons/Bad_Moon_Rising/scenarios3/2_05_West.cfg
Yes this fixed the problem. Thanks.

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Re: 1.12/1.13 SP Campaign - Bad Moon Rising

Post by Fibon_44 » Yesterday, 1:59 am

Hello! I come across an annoying bug in the Scenario "Hateful River" (BMR III). I'm not sure how to exactly reproduce this, but quite often the dialogue of finding Carghanna is being triggered, although I haven't found her yet. Then the scenario just ends.
Right now for example (my second time playing this version, on "easy"), I decided to head south first to get to the box with the items. I found one more unit on the way. When I place a unit on 51,29, this just triggers 3 more of my units and 6 saurians to appear. When I place the unit on 51,30 instead, it triggers my 3 units, the saurians and the Carghanna dialogue and the scenario ends.
This isn't the only spot on the map where this happens, but it was a risk on the whole southeastern part, and it seemed to depend a bit on which round and unit. To be able to play the scenario as it was probably intended, I needed a lot of saveloading and trying. :-/

Edit: I figured that in fact there were some hexes on which I shouldn't place any units, in order to not trigger the bug. I have identified (32,31), (36,30), (37,30), (51,30), (52,30), (52,31), and (53,30). There might be others and I just didn't happen to land on them.
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