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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by bobby_brown »

Hello !

I really liked this campaign. Plot, dialogs...

One technical issue :
I'm on debian stable using wesnoth 1.8.5 and Swamplings 1.7.7e; with the seven bones I'm getting a hung game if a second unit moves next to them after the first one has. Hung as in no unit can move and restarting the turn does not do the trick, I have to close wesnoth and reopen it for it to work again.
Actualy I suppose I shouldn't say "next to them" but "next to or in the castel" : if I occupy the castel and next hexes before the sevn bones appear they still bug but the combat goes smoothly further away.

I suppose one isn't supposed to occupy the castel but perhaps the players units could be pushed aside rather than the seven bones, esteticaly having units appear on walls... ..but I suppose that's a question for many campaigns, or maybe the engine.

tara a bit,
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Re: Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by vvb »

I'm playing wesnoth v1.10.3 on Debian.
Can't complete second scenario in Swamplings.
In console there are messages:

Code: Select all

setting mode to 1920x1080x32
20130130 17:27:11 error general: no location found for 'data/add-ons/Considerate/translations', skipping textdomain
20130130 17:35:40 error wml: empty side= is deprecated, use side=1
20130130 17:38:47 error wml: empty side= is deprecated, use side=1
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by Eugen »

I'm playing this campaign through for the third or fourth time. It's the best campaign ever - everything is so nicely done and well thought even the little things like goblins hurting themselves etc. It's so cute, clever and heartwarming. The dialogs are just perfect. Never have I felt so much identified with the main characters while playing BfW like in this campaign. Thank you for this gem, dear author :)
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by Ultragore »

Just finished the campaign. It was really good fun but the lv.3 and lv.4 for wolfriders should be unlocked at the time wolfriders are available. Also, the campaign was too short. I'd love to see a couple more scenarios.
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by ouzel »

This was a very funny campaign. Some problems appeared for me thou.

When i recall Misris in the castle and then directly make her a wolf-rider she gets ability to movement and doesn't have to wait until next turn. You can offcourse only use this 'bug' once but it will give you a little advantage then.

A gave the macic spear to Eeep but if I later make him a wolf-rider he loses this spear.

Please continue the excellent work.
// O
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by quincy »

In the cave level (where the
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by kachoudas »


I have just finished this campaign (on hard) and I have to say I really enjoyed it. My favorite so far, story wise, with Burning suns.

I especially enjoyed the peaceful , humble, anti-heroic, aspect of those goblins. I found myself in the first scenarios trying to avoid battle instead of leveling up units, because those poor goblins were obviously so reluctant to fight... The variety of the scenarios was very nice.

I play only occasionally, so I don't notice bugs and won't be able to give constructive critics but still, on the minus side :

- the scenario where you have to pursue a human knight in the cave (is it Crammie the healer ?) : IMHO you could remove this pursuit part and just keep to the story-telling.

- the scenario were Crammie flees in the castle with the archer : it was way too long for me, especially when I had to restart from the beginning because a lot of ennemy units were in the way while coming back to the trap. Actually I didn't saw the point of coming back.... The end, in the cave, was nice.

- I couldn't succeed the scenario where the goblins without Crammie fight the saurians. I had to rely on heavy cheating, even while I restarted many time. This is probably due to my poor tactics.

- The undead scenario was nice... except for the side points of the mermaid, the spear and the skeletons. I didn't saw their connection with the main story, nor the usefulness of it all. In my first try, I sent Eeep to get the lance that a Bat had discovered. I had not attacked the Troll, so I spent lots of turn just doing this for nothing... and when I finally gave it to a foot goblin, it wasn't of any use in the following scenarios. So the whole thing seemed like a mistake to me. Same for the mermaid. I believe the whole things would be more interesting if it was needed to complete the scenario - like if activating the skeletons would be needed to defeat the leach, and the lance needed to transfer Skandix in the dire wolf body.

- last point, the cutthroat seems too powerful to me. I had only one in the last game (It took me long to notice that the goblin could rise to level 3 in this campaign), but still It was the one killer unit, finishing all enemy units after they had be weakened. I could be limited to only one bonus attack I think, or the movement distance be reduced for the second moves.

But still, thank you very much for a very enjoyable campaign. I read that you're not going to start a new one, but I' would be to happy to play one !
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by Seto »

Hello !
I just finished this campaign and I have to say I found it excellent :). I had a lot of fun playing it, and I especially liked the effort on the storytelling and the writing, with the witty dialogs and the fun scenarios
It wasn't too hard, I even found it pretty easy, which is nice for a change (I'm not a highly skilled player and I sometimes tire of spending hours on Northern Rebirth and such).

I have one question though : I noticed that the "Wild things" (bats, wolves, mosquitos and their friends) take every village they can, even though they're not wounded and don't need healing. They act as if they were units to a chief that needs gold and can recruit. As that doesn't happen in the mainline, I was wondering if it was on purpose ?

Congrats on your campaign anyway ;)
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
Playing this tough campaign was marked by two ages:
The age of the first heat before I knew the plot – the terrible time
and the age of the replays after I got some insight – the slightly less terrible time.
I often got stuck, reloaded, started all over again to puzzle out better strategies or deal with surprises.
This was neither irritating nor boring but interesting, rewarding and fun.
So, as for the replay value: Even knowing what's coming, the campaign keeps its challenges, one can play it differently,
the episodes offer an interesting variety of units and several ways of tactical approach.
And when I start to get a little frustrated with some lame goblin, usually some unit would make such a funny comment
that I spend much more time laughing than grumbling.
Music, sound effects, the wonderful, detailed maps, the portraits and movements of the units …
all this definitely contributes to the outstanding all over-effect of this campaign.
I always have a very good time with Clammie+Co … However, I´ll never go on level "Hard".

Out of habit, I searched for a strategy guide … bit too early yet.
So, I went through the three years of feedback in this forum
and found many good advices from the author about playing this campaign.
And once he mentioned [ having trouble staying motivated ] due to the lack of comments.
At this stage of development – with the Swamplings already being very successful –
there might be no need for the feedback of an (unfortunately) inexperienced player, without special skills to offer.
But I´ld like to do in return. So I started my fourth play-through making notes of unmentioned details,
personal doubts and (imo) unsolved issues on each scenario.
Venturing to post them among the critiques of "knowledgeable people" is meant to be constructive
but might be of no use, wrong, overdone, stupid or make me just some greedy profiteer without any clue
about the hard work of creating a campaign ... Please, no hard feelings.

For now, three general questions:

1) nitpick campaign-icon: Why a poison bottle and not e.g. a Direwolf (rider) ?

2) nitpick storyboard download-link: It mentions only the 14 battle scenarios.
boru: [… so perhaps it is not quite as epic as it sounds]
It IS epic storytelling and since heading for mainline:
Why not advertising all the 17 ( so far :) ), including the dialogue-only-parts with this moving narration ?

3) Timeline – [What are knights, lords and orcs doing there ... 400 years before ... ?]
Good question. Unfortunately, one has to agree with boru:
[The story can't happen on Wesnoth because the goblins were riding wolves when they got there, so it has to be earlier]

I understand it will be placed in the Western Lands.
Would that be the Old Continent, homeland of Lich-Lords and orcs in the far West ?
Or will you create new land, including map and journey track ?

About the other possible location boru wrote:
[Green Isle won't work either, since they only spent about a year there before the start of TRoW ]
Hope I´m not terribly wrong, but didn´t the Lich-Lords open the gates to the homeland of the orcs in 6 BW ?
( > Timeline of Wesnoth)
Didn´t Orc+Co spent six years on the isle before following the humans to the mysterious East ?
It might matter (if correct) and be the author´s choice, of course:
Keeping Clammie's tribe as the 3rd generation of swamp goblins or trying to fit them on the Green Isle …
with all its knights and lords and orcs and Wesnoth core figures available.

Dear boru + artists of the development branch:
THANKS for all the efforts on the Swamplings !
PLEASE continue this excellent work !

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218

Scenario 1 – Shining
Nothing to comment on the Swamplings´ move type/abilities: With angelic patience, humor
and respect to frustrated players the author clearly stated his vision and choice of challenge.
It was, in deed, an interesting challenge to figure out how to lead my army
of brave sap-head-berserks and sedated dawdlers against those fast power-opponents.
It required substantial amount of brain-work, careful exploration of the territory
according to the hour, a non-conventional strategy.
Having recently replayed the peasant+fork-campaigns for beginners was pretty useful, too.
After merely 5 attempts … Behold, I made it. Clammie and Misris even advanced a level !
However, these promotions were only possible after I read boru´s hint about the "castle-secret ",
a definitely helpful advise that changed my game substantially, turning it much more relaxing.
Being a passionate explorer: How did I miss something so obvious ?
I tested this scenario several times with the result:
ALL the castle hexes show the recruiting-option in the action menu.
There is yet the message "No free hex available" if trying to call a unit to the vacant fortress;
except on the keep hex 18.15, of course …. AND on hex 19.15 as well !
Thank you very much, dear boru ... if that is what you wanted.
Once thou, there was no recruiting-option at all for any of the 3 castle hexes in Clammie's reach:
18.15 (keep), 19.15 and 20.16 … Well, maybe twice: It would explain, why I didn´t notice this option.
I don´t know why it happened. Does recruiting depend on some condition ?
Did my computer stick to the bad guys, trying to sabotage my hero ?
Are there "random" bugs ? Someone else noted this ?

What, if any, are changes you would have made to the campaign ? (from mainline feedback layout)

1) I coddled or "reloaded" Eeep´s pets (during the whole campaign) to have him keep them.
I agree with this post and wish they had better defense than 30% in the swamp:
[Swamp wolves should have the "swamp sawy" trait,
since wild animals are generally adapted to their environment
However, I´m not sure if it is already a Wesnoth-default-unit with default traits.
In that case, this suggestion is obviously to be ignored.

2) Some find it annoying, I LOVE it: the "Stern"-mosquito, the most natural swamp inhabitant.
It should (imo) turn up in every scenario, in greater number, less harmless.
Shining mentioned this "commodity" right at the beginning.
They could entertain the passive guardians during the first half of the episode: target practice !
And since one of the most effective goblins – little Terro with his sneak attack-ability – is lost from the outset:
How about a submerged swamp-monster in a village next to Shining´s castle ?
An ancient Wood Wose emerging from the forest right behind it ?

3) When the 7 initial pierce-proofed riders are vanquished, Shining remarks:
"Those little swamplings killed my last horseman!"
And right away he pulls the next mounted unit out of the hat (unless he´s already out of money).
Might be a tiny dialog mix up, but more probably another reflection of his nasty character.

All in all: A great opening !
Certain difficulties right from the start give a good idea of what to expect further on ...
Favorite dialog: Clammie´s laconic and very motivating "Spears in the morning"-rhyme
after missing 3 stabs in a row on an already seriously wounded enemy.

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218

Scenario 2 – Healer and Slayer

Task 1 "bat charming"
I had considered searching Ronry´s shack for a manual on the Wand of Wonderment when he provided instruction.
His optimism about my Clammie´s charming-skills was a bit embarrassing,
but after some (entertaining) practice I got the feel for moderate poking and found it very amusing.
When finally improving as a tamer of wild beasts – the wand vanishes !
I understand : After delivering the mortal perforation to Rashki
it becomes part of the commander´s profile: "You can now recruit vampire bats!"
Very nice, and yet a pity. I liked this interesting idea a lot: charming allies instead of calling/meeting them.
As posted earlier: [ The taming thing is great … let the leader keep it ] Count me in:
It would be a fun-option for players who like bat charming better than bat killing
and prefer to protect this animals of exceptional ecological importance and fighting strength ! :eng:
Sure thing is: Relying only on the number of tamed bats rises the challenge all the more.

Actually, shouldn´t Clammie pass the mage´s gift on to Eeep ?
How did he manage to train a bat in part 6 (Rogues Reward) without the necessary equipment ?
With this helpful tool he might enjoy his job as a bat trainer a little more
and even desist from feeding them to the wolves in episode 8 (Ride the wolf) … Good heavens !
At least Ronry was spared that kind of distress.
His moral rectitude surely didn´t harmonize with cruelty to animals.

Having tamed bats chase untrained ones is fun and a great advice:
This way my Nosferatu got promoted on the hunt, and a second pet by Rashki soon after.
A bat-shield and the blow of mercy from Clammie worked perfectly on him !

In my first attempts Clammie and Ronry were wasting time taking over villages.
Later I sent them straight to the cave, the much more qualified bats did the village-job.
Next, I even excluded Ronry from the bat encounter by exploiting the new allies :
He met the assassin at full health. (At that time I still thought it mattered … )
During 25 turns a powerful mage as a passive spectator of the scene ?
Seen from this angle, it might be interesting to add some wild life for short living Ronry to do a little magic.
(mosquitoes !, rats, a swamp serpent, a little spider in the cave, or a scorpion and some mud crawlers)
Additionally, a long-term solution for scenario 9 (Clammie the healer) :
Coward Shining – sitting relaxed in the Diaemus Caves – would get target practice for himself !

Task 2 "antidote"
Only in my very first attempt Clammie mentioned: "No cabinet here. It must be in one of the other buildings".
In all the replays he kept silent when checking a wrong structure.
I even tested a search warrant on the cave house, as far from the base as possible.
A minor issue ... finding the cabinet is not tooo difficult,
and once poisoned, healthy Ronry loses only 4 LPs per turn until Clammie gets the milkweed.
I found this color-blindness-multiple-choice-option a very funny gag, too.

objective / defeat = Death of Ronry
Clammie picks the correct bottle without failing.
Goal achieved : He found the rescue drops before the mage dies. But NO !!!
SURPRISE: Out of the blue Ronry is finished … if luck helps at a quite good health of 34 LPs .
Oddly enough, the amazing curative-healer-oinment´s radiation failed to heal the nearby ally.
I tried many times to accomplish the task, even looked for a way to open the bottle,
assuming the hint "uncorking unnecessary" was another smart gag.
Despite all prepping, against all facts:
Goal not achieved > Defeat = Death of Ronry > Reload. Try again. But NO !!!
SURPRISE: The scenario isn´t lost at all ! How come ?
Only comfort: Ronry´s death doesn´t spoil the statistics of casualties.
That´s probably why Clammie doesn´t even lament the tragicomic loss of his friend, teacher and trading partner.
However, the player IS defeated in the abstract case of Clammie not bothering about his rescue,
going on a stroll at the beautiful lakeside instead.
Then the mage´s LPs drop down naturally and doomed man Ronry exclaims in agony
what he should say when the ointment is within his grasp: What an absurd way to die !

Certainly, Swamplings is (fortunately) special and different from "what most campaign writers tend to make".
But losing a White Mage just like that … Ouch !
Although, while complaining all the time about weak goblins and overpowered opponents,
this unusual turn out and serious loss apparently didn´t seem wrong to all the other players but one.
Well, imho this otherwise so well done scenario is obscured by the death of Ronry,
his brief passage on the stage and lack of further missions.
I often longed for his combined magic/heal-abilities in the scenarios to come …
Turn counter
I tried to figure out how it works.
While "current turn" keeps counting on, the "turn limit" changes on every replay.
Just out of curiosity: Is this the rule on difficulty "Medium" ?
at task 1: max 33
at task 2: Clammie starts searching for the potion: 10 turns added to the current turn
at task 3: new objective shows up: 2 turns subtracted from the max turn of task 2

To sum it up: At this level I was already convinced: This campaign will keep me hooked !
My favorite dialog here: "I am surely their first victim." The Slayer judged my goblins well. :D

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218
Scenario 3 – Exodus
Clammie´s wise dad couldn´t foresee that filth doesn´t scare stronger enemies on the run.
Shining´s horsemen seem less fearsome compared to those REALLY swamp sawy, speedy skirmishers
with highly accurate strikes. My preferred "advance-attack-strike first" tactic doesn´t work without
"mid-scenario save game cheating" … more acceptable after reading the postings of other desperate.
Commanding Swamplings might rattle the most serious honest fair play gamer ...
Only in the replays I felt challenged to "cheat" on those nightmare-saurians instead:
tricking them away from my "heroes", luring the wild wolves within their reach, the bats doing the heavy work.
Every move thoroughly planed out is the trick, the author knows what he is doing. Great, tough mission !
However, it is me who is ashamed when my troops finally finish off one of those fierce intruders who
"only wished to feed his young " ... Good grief!
Funny thing: Once the curtain is effectively brought down on saurian Sklizle and only Clammie has to reach the signpost,
I sent my troops back towards the home patch to gain some XPs on the second wave of wild things which appear
in the upper part of the area. When the chieftain remembers the healing potion, most of his fellows could easily tell him:
Eeep had done a good job on packing. The keep is empty !
Actually, I wondered:
How did Clammie notice that a green bottle is missing ?
Did Rashki´s healing-milkweed-slash cure his color-blindness, too ?
Isn´t the healer ointment in that cabinet filled with potions entrusted to Eeep before marching off ?
In this context: How would Clammie know that one of those potions is the deadly poison ?
What else ?
Did I miss similar sound effects in all my earlier campaigns ?
For the first time I noticed bird chirping when hovering over the signpost ! Very nice!

Another favorite: The goblin´s inspired war poetry !
Someone once found the [ elaborate speech of the goblins unappealing ]
Well, it was Ronry – White Mage and great man of science, hardly speaking a primitive language –
who taught Clammie the "tongue of the humans".
I was fascinated by the dialogs. Whether Kennison, the Archduke, Clammie or any goblin:
The use of a very intelligent speech (to Wesnoth-standard) and hilarious jokes were choices
that make this campaign really special, different from all the others I know so far.

Ah, there is just this little annoyance: fetid swamps, stinking miasma, filth, midden heaps ...
and still no mosquitoes supposed to hatch out wherever a puddle of water might be found.
Yeah, I know now, they´re hold back for future surprise … ( :hmm: Ants wouldn´t fit ? )

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218
Scenario 4 – At Death´s door
I LOVE tomato-surprises, never understood the general hysteria and aversion. As if they weren´t part of life.
Dear boru, PLEASE never [ get to the point of being a real crowd pleaser ] or [de-tomatofy ] your game.
I wouldn´t even mind more monster-surprises in the course of this campaign.
About the cuttlefish: Any effort to trick the monster is useless, poisoning is unavoidable.
Someone in the forum wondered [ what it gives if your leader is close to next level and gains a level while poisoned ] :
Well, nothing. With the kill of this attacker my Clammie luckily upgraded to Prime and a health of 51 LPs.
Don't halloo till you're out of the wood: At the encounter with the mosquitoes he was down on 1 LP anyway.
I enjoyed these well drawn little prickers all the same.
Pity is the brevity of this amusing scene since it´s more rewarding to avoid any further risk or delay,
to ignore the other mini-monsters, the milkweed or regeneration in a re-captured village.
I suppose, this scenario is meant to be a "breathing room", enriched with some action, no need for complex strategies.
The finale is really witty and left me very curious about the continuation of this funny story.
My favorite dialog in this episode: "Easiest kill I ever made! " ... MY line, for a change ! :mrgreen:

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218
Scenario 5 – It takes a swampling
This scenario caused quite some controversy in this forum.
Less common sequences like this episode rank as most gratifying in my personal approval list.
(e.g. "Liberty/Hide and Seek": you have to sneak through the map without being spotted by the enemy)
Thus, I spent hours and hours on this scenario :

– to explore the castle courtyard. If this campaign hadn´t already thought me to always expect a surprise,
I´ld never have Clammie investigate a Quintain. Yet another one: Very surprisingly, my saucy hero did NOT
poke it, receiving a nice slap in return. I agree a little bit : [The infiltration part should be harder ], maybe
the "Archduke" less exposed, the very large area more crowded, another misdirection ... I wonder about
that "trap event", already discard in my time ... Then again, maybe I was just fortunate and ask too much.

– to figure out the "role" of the bookshelf on the castle rampart. Is it to show that a bestiary is accessible to
public study (what not only Captain Phillips failed to do) ? Ronry´s shack should have a shelf, too.

– trying to confront and defeat the hordes on my tail (only with Clammie as a Prime)
Once I managed to kill all the guards while advancing in the passages and still make it in time to the exit.
Twice I was forced to condemn swordsman Sydd. The fall of this unique figure was extremely deplorable.
Thou this possibility is wisely anticipated, a muttering Yryrcyn as back-up is cold comfort. Imho, Sydd
should enter the list of immortal VIPs and always retreat with some excuse, just like Captain Phillips
who also got beaten down by my dream team once.

– to wonder about the Rhyging torches, puzzle out their very interesting function and use them strategically

– repeating the swinging rope show over and over. It´s sooo funny. Unfortunately, the enemies are too
stupid or too unathletic or too smart and just ignore it, when left on the ground as a decoy to get them
into the water and WHOOSH! off the stage and down to the sewer by the fancy plumbing system.

– trying to memorize the prescribed route in the column hall and follow it without triggering a loose stone.
Might be meant to be "just a slightly different kind of thing" but it´s remarkable, I had a lot of fun with this.
Sure thing is: I won´t give up. Kennison remembers the circuit, I might be able too. Hah !

– exploring the meaning and tactical advantage of the south chamber
Yeah, first I went after the villages – as tempted and greedy as the AI – and wouldn´t mind that suggested
[ 50 Gold statuette inside ] either. Later I took the plunge into highly advanced art of war by luring the
enemy into and around that hall, trying to cause them significant damage by the bumping traps without
having my two heroes suffering the same destiny. Might have worked, but I ran out of time. The limit is
generous but I need at least more 50 turns to find out for sure ...
– opening and closing passages in the hallway – truly a very clever ruse ! My challenge in future replays
will be to use them more effectively. The time limit, however, restricts experimental maneuvering.

In the sewer I missed the insects, a swarm of irritating mosquitoes :mrgreen: ... BUT I met my 2nd favorite unit :
monster Greta – [ the magical talking teleporting bosavi rat of the Western Lands ] – important enough
to cause an in-depth research on rats in the forum. I am thrilled, level her up whenever possible, still working
on a better strategy to use this lame Skirmisher more often since she´s Clammie´s faithful ally from now on.
I´m glad she isn´t left out and happily [ spend gold on recalling her ], even if [ she'd show up ... as a Lich ].
It´s too late now, but I don´t agree with criticism of talking animals and weeding them ALL out.
The direwolf speaks, the drakes do, I think gryphons as well ... Greta should be an exception, too.
After all, BfW is a game with a fantasy theme.

This episode is one of my favorites, not least because of the narration, the awesome dialogs. No way to say
which line I like best. Regardless of the deadly serious situation, I am giggling all the time. VERY good job !
Now, I still wonder how knight Shining of the fine Westford Irrelevants got acquainted with motley mob and
even the Archduke returns from a holiday at his summer villa in company of a female footpad.
Is there a gossip column elsewhere ?

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium
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Re: Swamplings - v1.1.7 - for 1.8 and 1.9

Post by pauline »

ref. ... 85#p557218

Scenario 6 – Rogues Reward
I expected a pursuit by Captain Phillips after the intruders´ escape from the sewer: with mumbling Sydd and
9 guards missing in action in the catacombs, he gathers almost 40 units up there in the court yard ...
All the same, an exiting continuation of the tale, a good preface and a well done adventure by "accustomed
BfW scenario standards" that shouldn´t upset any player with the exigency of discovering hidden secrets ...
Not too difficult either (compared to the previous ones): Even wanted man Kennison is quite relaxed and
feels lyrically inspired during this confrontation.
Certainly, it´s not a "wiping the floor"-battle either but with Clammie as a Prime and Kennison a marksman
my evaluation might be less healthy.
Mentioned already: Eeep´s bat taming without the charming tool (Wand of Wonderment) is a little bit odd.
But he made it: The bats do the most important job, as a team no enemy harms them seriously.
The Deep One can be "won over" as a great ally, UNLESS the monster emerges somewhere hidden in the fog,
only noticed by the splash. Very tricky !
Letting Cat's gang deal with this dangerous village-stealer causes lethal damage. Especially when an even
more frightful beast is nearby: Greta ! The outlaws attack the tiny rat, ignoring the cuttlefish right next to them.
Triggering a surprise when the little squid is finally knocked out is an idea as good as the noble act of "nightstalker
and village for free" at the beginning. :D
Cat proposing a deal ... nice try. The poor rouge doesn´t know about her creator´s formidable generosity on gold
which makes the swamplings incorruptible. Would be all right to support the sympathetic outlaw a bit more ...
(By the way: I never had a problem with "to much gold" and finished the campaign in debt.)
But these minor issues have no effect on the result : Entertaining drama, glory and jokes … I´m happy with this episode.

pauline (boru-Swamplings-fan)
Wesnoth v1.10.01 + v1.10.06 – Swamplings v1.1.7n – Single Player – Level Medium