building a campaign - "A Second Front"

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Re: building a campaign - "A Second Front"

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Here you go.
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Re: building a campaign - "A Second Front"

Post by fabi »

Neuromancer wrote:Here you go.
Thank you very much :-)
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Re: building a campaign - "A Second Front"

Post by aquileia »

after having played some mainline campaigns and half of IftU, I found this one quite interesting - great work! I really enjoy playing it and hope seeing more of it.

However, I'd like to use my first post in the forum to mention some issues you might consider (as I'm new here, you may as well ignore them) :
- While not relevant for gameplay, fleeing from Nindoluin to "Running" is a shortcut relative to the usual way; what about changing the scenario numbers from 3b to 2, 3c to 3, and 2 to 4?
- With the veterans from Ambush, Running is quite easy... I'd propose that if seen_undead is true, blue's gold might be slightly increased and two additional Goblin Knights added to Gramgargs escort (I had left a Ranger, an Archer and a few dextrous Elves to delay the pursuers - instead, they killed Gramgarg before he began recruiting!) while placing him directly on the keep.
- A suggestion for Siege_of_Dwimmermere: Whether you win or not, heavy enemy reinforcements arrive and force you to flee. Ildriel orders her army to run for Valanolduin to assist the Ka'lian while she wants to gain time by holding back the pursuers with some volunteers. Galbarond raises objections as it'd be her certain death and only agrees if he stays as well. Thoradin joins if you have him (which dwarf woudn't?). Then you can begin Across_The_Moors with 7 units (preferably including Awee) and be sure that Ildriel has to attack at some point. Welcome side effects include that you will not lose many troops there and Where_are_we is balanced better. Your army will rejoin you in the x-th turn of Among_the_Kalian, wondering how you survived...
- If you do not agree with my last idea, I want to note that if you win Siege_of_Dwimmermere, your units aren't transferred to the next scenario. Thoradin therefore cannot encounter the Clockwork dwarves.
- At the moment, Fallen appear in later scenarios independent of the outcome of Siege_of_Dwimmermere, could you please change that? Also, if Mal-Jerynal and Ghakha-Ulgrokh died, the respective leaders in Across_The_Moors could preferably be renamed.
- In Where_are_we, Viviane shouldn't move; else she will meet the Sire in hex 1,1 and might be killed (happened to me) which ruins the dialog that relies on her.

This being said, I think these changes would be doable in one day, so if you want me to, I could try. I just would want to hear to which of them you agree - nothing is more irksome than working for the trash can.

Excuse if this post doesn't seem polite enough, English isn't my mother tongue.
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