Invasion from the Unknown (1.80.2) for Wesnoth 1.8

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown ( for Wesnoth 1.8

Post by bigkahuna »

I am playing IFtU on 1.8, and am really enjoying it. I think it's mainline quality (very interesting storyline, fun gameplay, and complete), except for the fact that it needs to be polished.

You have portraits missing, unit animations missing, some dialogue needing sprucing up. Besides that, I think it is ready to go mainline! I know you have dropped maintanence of it, but is there anyway you could make this happen?

Also, is this ever going to be released for 1.9? I am reluctant to switch versions until it is. I don't think a simple wmllint would do it, though.

As this is the most popular campaign on several of the add-ons servers and has even had sequels made from it, I think it deserves some more attention before it is dropped. I would hate to see it abandoned :augh:
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.80.2) for Wesnoth 1.7/1.8 O

Post by Iris »

Version 1.80.2 has just been released.

This is just a very minor maintenance release that was long due thanks to Sleepwalker’s portraits. It’s still not my intention to go back to maintaining this campaign.


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- Graphics:
    - New or updated unit animations: Death Baron
    - New unit portraits: L1 Demon (male), L1 Demon (female).

- i18n and l10n:
    - Updated translations from WesCamp-i18n: es, fr, hu, it, ja, nl, ru, tr
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