Cooperative Campaigns

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Cooperative Campaigns

Post by Froobloops »

Co-op campaigns integrated into the main game would be kinda cool, but are there any add-ons for a good 2 player campaign?
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Re: Cooperative Campaigns

Post by StDrake »

there's world conquest..but that's 3 player, and something about a prison escape that's 2p
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Re: Cooperative Campaigns

Post by Max »

wesband might be worth a look as well, although it's rather diablo style. and there's The Haunted Woods but it's for three players as well...

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Re: Cooperative Campaigns

Post by MrEPIC »

I feel that 3-player campaigns give more flexibility in tactics, since you can plan ahead and cover each other. Oh, and World Conquest can be played by 2 players. Before loading it, select settings under the map picture, and select 3 players.

Speaking of which, I just released The Haunted Woods v1.1.7. Download it from the addons server and try it out!
3 player co-op campaign: The Haunted Woods (v1.6.19)
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