RELEASE: Coming of the Storm - v0.3.1- 6.01.2020

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Re: RELEASE: Coming of the Storm - v0.2.8- 1.04.2019

Post by CorotAlas »

TrashMan wrote:
December 2nd, 2019, 1:07 pm
Where the hell did all these error pop up from?
I go away for a while, and decided to take a peek and I see this.


@CorotAlas - all hereos should be neat the sea. Once you get them all, a you need to do is come close to the mountain at the top of the map. There should be a Phoenix and a hydra fighting, short scene and after that you go to the mountain, there is a small passage there.

You shouldn't be able to recall anything or anyone.
1st A New World scenario
After I get all heroes and aim to the mountain without exploring, I get the phoenix scene. But if I try to do some exploring, no Phoenix. So I do the exploring after I get the Phoenix scene.

In Ruined Keep (Castle,Swamp) You can still Recall Aquae, Ithilien and Lotion if you don't meet them (and the other 4 Loyal Heroes from previous scenario). Only Valinor not available to Recall.The funny thing is after you recall the heroes, and go to where they should be on map, you'll get the meeting dialogue.
And You can also recruit all available soldier there.

2nd Top of the World scenario
Rhelis the Watcher got Error when I try to leveling it to Swordmaster (to Guard, Shield Guard and Sentinel have no issue)
Abilities on Unit description of Celine the Cleric (cures, heals +6, cures [cures again? just typo or wrong abilities?], inspire,,, [3,? & NO ILLUMINATES?])
Khelgar the Dwarvish Loremaster (inspire,,,, [4,] cures, heals +4)
Lotion & Elderon the Holy Avenger (vengeance,,courage,,toughness [2,?])
Lotion & Elderon the Phoenix Knight (toughness, Fire Aura, toughness [toughness again? just typo or wrong abilities?])

3rd Proving ones Worth until A lucky Meeting
Aquae is mising after Hidden Valley but she alreeady say that she will go for a while to study the strange magic. So I don't thing about anything when I don't see her at Proving ones Worth scenario. But at Interferance scenario when finishing the Mission, Leagil looks like speak to Aquae but I don't have Aquae? The conversation looks funny without Aquae dialogue.

4th Monolith scenario
Defeat: You have been defeated!
Right after the map show where we usually have dialogue followd by pop-up about mission objective. Just as soon as the map open, you defeated.
I found this text:
<invalid WML found> [unstore unit]: variable 'Aquae_store' doesn't exist

5th Add-ons Manager
Why it say "Installed, outdated on server 1.3.4,0.3.1" (in Orange text)?
I use Wesnoth 1.14.9

Thanks for the clue on A New World. But now I stuck at Monolith :(

I like this Campaigns, keep the good work mate :)

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Re: RELEASE: Coming of the Storm - v0.3.1- 6.01.2020

Post by TrashMan »

1. You definitely shouldn't be able to recruit anyone. The recall list should be purged of all non-loyals and recruitment blocked.

2. Watcher to swordmaster? Will check.
As far as descriptions go, having toughness and cures twice seems odd....Unless...some items add it as well

3. Aquae should return when you finish the Proving Ones Worth scenario (fighting hydras and saurians). She should also be part of the conversation with the council..and she should also change class IIRC. If her appearence didn't trigger, something went wrong. I had it happen to me just once in many play-troughs and I have never figured out why.
Did you have a conversation with Allistair when it ended? Aquae should pop up then.

4. In this scenario Aquae is the main hero and if she dies, scenario fails. Since you never recovered her, no wonder you get game over immediately.
I'm sorry to say this, but you'll have to re-play from Provings Ones Worth and see if Aquae triggers.

5. hm... I might have messed up the version number.. shouldn't be the case.
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Re: RELEASE: Coming of the Storm - v0.3.1- 6.01.2020

Post by Konrad2 »

Finding the Exit
The 'Go here' icon for removing the spider spawn point is not removed after moving there.
The last version of the scenario objectives state that I should move my heroes to the southern border of the map, but it's enough if I move only one of them there.

untill -> until

Loose to many -> Lose

For that matter, how many is 'too many'? Or how many Civilians have to survive? How many have to arrive? Some numbers in the scenario objectives would be nice.

Greetings Lord Leagil -> Leagil.

Your custom made advancements do not remove poison.
Cots-A Lucky Meeting-Auto-Save8.gz
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Cots-A Lucky Meeting Turn 8.gz
(259.02 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
Lucky Meeting
Galor (that necromancer with a summoning circle) attacks units in movement range instead of waiting next to his circle.

Having an allied leader with teleport that has to survive..? Bad idea. Very bad.
Cots-A Lucky Meeting-Auto-Save13.gz
(269.28 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
Why is Aquae able to recruit elves? She couldn't do that last scenario.

The Monolith doesn't seem to be doing anything. That's a bug, right?
Did I destroy it too fast?
(192.03 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
The animation of a defending 'Arch Mage' is not teamcoloured.

The 'go here' icon on the mountain does not disappear after you move to it.

damm -> dam

The undead recruited by Mal Rhaz-Gul can't move before the dam breaks because his castle is surrounded by 'unwalkable' tiles.

The dam is actually not removed after being blown up.

weill -> will

Ithilien and Elderon -> Lotion

34,5 doesn't transform into a deep water hex despite being only a flat hex next to Mal Rhaz-Guls keep.

guaridan -> guardian

I somehow retain vision on the undeads keep for the whole scenario, even though I left that mountain top quite some time ago.

I now have two new Elvish Avengers. What happened to the ones I had in the previous scenario?

Lotion and Ithilien do not have full mp. (They have exactly the amount of mp they had when the previous scenario ended.)

Lord Gilders death does not result in losing that scenario. Same for Ithilien

Lord Gilders dies too fast. He's almost dead when you arrive, he is even likely to die the turn you spot him.
I saved him, but this seems to have been extremely lucky and only achievable if I know in advance that I have to get to him asap.
(216.08 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
An Old Foe
Ellderon is apparently unable to train troops himself. It would be good if that was made clear in advance.

It feels very weird to have the teamcolour red after playing as blue since forever.

There are some problems with a peasant spawning from a random village in your possession. He could spawn at the front line or even from the training ground itself.

siezed -> seized

concernes -> concerns

sorrounded with incompetence -> surrounded by incompetence

The scenario objectives reset back to 'train some troops' after Ithielien arrives.

When you defeat Loghain before all of the heroes have arrived, you'll miss out on parts of the dialogue at the end. And the missing heroes won't appear in the subsequent scenarios, so you'll miss out on even more dialogue.

Mages that were 'trained' can't advance to Blue Mage or Grey Mage.

Reunion (2)
conviened -> convened

asemble -> assemble

Kalnaga -> Knalga

Breaktrough -> Breakthrough
fortreses -> fortresses

And now I'm black? Why? :(

And apparently I can't recruit?

And almost all my units from Aquaes mission are gone. ._. Aaaand Avernus lost all his xp.

The enemy leader can recruit the unit 'Doom Guard'. And for some reason your version of that unit has every terrain listed as impassable, with every terrain granting a 0% chance to dodge.
So the enemy leader is bound to run out of space to recruit.

The 'blizzard' attack of the 'Tempest Mage' lacks an image.

I don't quite get how or why the enemy leader flees toward my keep instead of retreating away from it.

Hunt in the Depths
I recommend enabling shroud. It doesn't make any sense that my units know the layout of this enemy keep.
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...what? Also, she says this every turn.
...what? Also, she says this every turn.

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