Random Map Generator?

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Random Map Generator?

Post by islandranger »

Anyone. I've come across references to a "random map generator" in the game. I would like to use it to build some test maps. Is it part of the main program or part of the map editor or am I completely confused? I have 1.2.8 for Windows installed.

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Re: Random Map Generator?

Post by AI »

It is in-game, try starting a multiplayer game and scrolling around the map list.

Also, not posting the same topic twice might help.

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Re: Random Map Generator?

Post by Weeksy »

It's in the editor, and in the game. Select it as a map from the multiplayer menu, and adjust settings, or make a new map in the editor and choose 'randomize map' and adjust settings there.
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Re: Random Map Generator?

Post by archlich »

This generator can be altered to different terrain to fit your purpose, like in Heir to the Throne on the map in which you look for the scepter of fire. You may also note that multiplayer has a setting for random winter, desert, and swamp maps.
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