New Campaign: Warmaster

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Re: New Campaign: Warmaster

Post by trewe »

Beon wrote: Whenever i have a sighting on any of the enemy chieftains (Mergh, Werrand-Log,...).
This results in an invalid xml for the saved games.
Nice spot, looks like a leftover from a previous version, will fix this when I have the files at hand.
This error is minor and can be ignored (the enemies just dont receive any gold)
Beon wrote: I can open any *.cfg file in order to help myself, if someone could locate the error.
Fiddling around with main.cfg and warmaster10.cfg didn't work out, since I'm deleting random gold and on_sighting stuff without knowing what im actually doing. :whistle:
localize something like *gold* probaly in warmaster10.cfg and add a line «amount=100» between their tags, but do not delete anything, there is a reason for it
Beon wrote: Thanks in advance for any clues!

Thanks for playing the campaign.

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Re: New Campaign: Warmaster

Post by Beon »

Hi trewe,

thank you so much for your fast reply! i tried to put the suggested snippet in the on_sighting tag, but to no avail.

ill put in some code here, so you might have a better chance to point me to the right direction.

Original code from Warmaster10.cfg (relevant snippets in my understanding for Werrand-Log only, can adapt this for all sides i guess) :
Code for the side-snippet:

Code: Select all

        type=Orcish Warlord
        name= _ "Werrand-Log"
        recruit=Orcish Grunt,Orcish Warrior,Orcish Archer,Orcish Crossbowman,Orcish Assassin,Orcish Slayer,Wolf Rider,Goblin Pillager,Goblin Knight
        {GOLD 90 120 150}
        {INCOME 8 12 16}
        {FLAG_VARIANT undead}
            recruitment_pattern=scout,fighter,archer,mixed fighter,fighter,archer,mixed fighter
            {ATTACK_DEPTH 3 4 5}
Code for on_sighting:

Code: Select all

    {ON_SIGHTING Werrand-Log 1 (id=Werrand-Log) (
#ifdef EASY
#ifdef NORMAL
#ifdef HARD
In the ON_SIGHTING snippet i put 'amount=100', since the tag indicates its about 'gold' already and corresponds, to what you suggested. May be something is messed up with the ifdefs, like syntax has changed to previous versions. Really only a guess, since i never touched any wesnoth.cfg before.

I will put the complete .cfg in a spoiler, in an attempt not to mess up the posting/space.

Thanks again very much for your support. Kind of great, to see this forum active even for old threads and campaigns! !!
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