son of black eye final

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Lord Jevyan
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son of black eye final

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Hey listen to this!
I was just wondering of how this story could finish
Kapou'e calls the big Horde and start attacking Wesnoth
The primary Objective is to kill the Evil King
He arrives but after some losses he thinks he's not the right orc to do this
So the Shamans, worried , sends some orcs to his sons ( or tribe, who knows ) to kill them. Then they say that Humans killed them in their invasion in the north.
Kapou'e now is very angry and goes to Weldyn
Now there's a very big ITW ( impossible to win ) battle against humans
After that Kapou'e kills the king and Wesnoth remains without a leader so stops his invasion.
Turning back to the north, Kapou'è must send home the tribes of the big Horde. But after all the fights those guys wants a reward ( gold slaves and ?drug? ) Ok, Kapou'e is still angry and wants to keep the sacked gold and prisoners! So it's war. Final Chapter of SOBE sees Kapou'e fighting various tribes of rebel orcs. In the end he gets defeated but when the rebels are coming, the shamans takes control of the battle opposing fierce resistance. Before they get killed Kapou'e is somewhere out there...
No one heard of him again....

I know it sucks... but does someone like it? :roll:
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Re: son of black eye final

Post by zookeeper »

Lord Jevyan wrote:I know it sucks... but does someone like it? :roll:
If it sucks, then no. I think that much is rather obvious.
Steelclad Brian
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Post by Steelclad Brian »

Is Son of the Black Eye not being developed by anyone?

edit: Er, apparently it still is? Perhaps you should take it up with Taurus? ... &start=120
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Post by turin »

You're not helping yourself, Jevyan.

(In other words: proposing stupid ideas is usually a bad idea, since it makes everyone not respect you.)
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Post by Taurus »

I am actually one scenario (not inculding the epiloge) away from compleating SotBE. If you download the latest version of SotBE on the campaign server you'll get the whole package. Or if anyone want's a spoiler I can post it up on here...
Creater of the campaign, "Northern Rebirth"

Compleater of the campaign, "Son of the Black Eye"
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