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Tower of Cur'Magi review

Post by multilis »

Wesnoth v 1.3.3, campaign v 0.9.19

I found Tower of Cur'Magi funny. Your buddies the mages put up a bunch of 'shield' targets for you to train on. Unfortunately it is a race against time to stop the evil sea monsters from hitting them first. Afterwards the mages and sea monsters send a nice steady supply of extra training material after you, often I would heal by levelling up.

I took out the sea monster first, and ended up with mostly level 3 units, and 800 gold but only 4 turns left.

(In beginning 2 mages including the white charge across the water before the moat/shield wall defences go up, likely because of my limited recruiting. One unit of shield wall ends up in water as mage in the way.)
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Post by vonHalenbach »

Is this campaign deleted from the server? Sjl, do you not want to maintain it anymore? Please upload a new version on the 1.3 server.
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Post by St.John »

This campain is really fun
but i do have to say
in the cave level, with the fight between the orcs and trolls
i recomend you make it more open, or put less villages in the upper section
i got pinned back just behind those puddles and could only kill two trolls a turn, while he could recruit 5

the other thing is in the last level
id change the silver mage,
i left a wounded cavalier near a village outside the city and the mage teleported all the way out where it was easy to surround and demolish it.
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Post by sjl »

I've made all the changes suggested, in version 0.9.21, which is on the development campaign server.

I solved multilis' problem by reducing the magical barriers to level 0, and fixing recruitment so they do recruit what they should do. Also, I gave the ai some [avoid] tags, which fixed the 'Oh no, there's a mage sitting where the barrier should be' problem.

The cave has been opened out, and, in an attempt to give the campaign a more 'good vs. evil' feel, Mar'Than is now a Necromancer (not a silver mage) and you now acquire mages instead of dark adepts at the end of scenario 3.

There seem to be two forum threads for this campaign (He says, having got slightly confused himself). Please use this one!
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Missing Scenario: Tower of Cur Magi

Post by Mellor »

Upon completion of Happy Landing, the next scenario, Tower of Cur Magi, cannot be found.
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Post by sjl »

Thank you - I've fixed this in version 0.9.24, so update your version of the campaign, and it should work.
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Post by gandulf »

little bug i found in durat valley the next scenario in the EVENT is still called A_Troll_s_mummy instead of A_Troll_s_mother.
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Post by sjl »

Fixed. Please download the latest version from the campaign server, and restart 'Dulat Valley', and then it should all just work. :D
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