A Friendship Tested

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Re: A Friendship Tested

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Tarcil wrote: October 17th, 2020, 9:54 am I really enjoyed the campaign and found it very good. Only the turn limit was very challenging. Maybe 5 more turns would do it in many scenarios, especially in the scneario where you defend the dwarven city. The last scenario was very good with the decisions that need to be make. Especiall the Ram riders looked very good, but they didn´t move. They could attack but couldn´t move. I think thats a bug?
Hey, I'm stoked to hear that you enjoyed the campaign. I'll look at the turn limits again. Thanks for the feedback-- it's difficult for me to assess turn limits when I've played through it so many times. To elaborate, did you mean that they cannot move, or that they have no attack animations (the ram riders)?

By the way, did you find the humor associated with them? :)
Edit: I looked into it, the movement thing should be fixed. Sorry about that
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