RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_pack"

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RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_pack"

Postby IIIO_METAL » July 9th, 2017, 7:08 am

This is the feedback thread of the dungeon search RPG campaign "Castle of evil spirit" and the campaign auxiliary add-on "add_creature_pack".
For now, you can play with Wesnoth 1.13 only.

"Castle of evil spirit"
RPG campaign of the dungeon exploration type.
Implemented event
· You can register up to 3 heroes, switch at the beginning of the game and play.
· Use items and weapon armor to strengthen the unit.
· Bows can not be used without arrows.
· The field of vision is narrow if there is no lamp or illumination. Lamp requires fuel.
· Items sold to the store remain as inventory of the store.
· Items at the time of being found are in unknown performance. Ask the appraiser to confirm the performance.
· Participation event of fellow unit

Event planned for development
· Blacksmith events.
· Item exchange between units. Event to throw items away.
· Bank Event

Game completion
· The dungeon part can currently play only 3 floors.
· Story event completion level: about 5%

Unit package add-on. I will package units that are likely to be hopping fields and dungeons of animals and monsters from various ERAs.
Although the number of units is small at present, will gradually increase it.

Advice, suggestions, bug reports etc. are always welcome.
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Re: RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_p

Postby Samonella » July 20th, 2017, 8:57 pm

Hello! I decided to give Castle of Evil Spirit a try. I played for a few hours and it was very fun, well designed and seemed pretty balanced! Unfortunately I ran into a lot of bugs and confusion. Here are my thoughts:

Bug reports
  • In falcon's weapon shop, item's don't show the price. It says "Price:" but after that it is blank.
  • In the right-click menu, there is no way to tell apart the two item menus. They both have a picture of a gray potion bottle and no words.
  • Earrings (one of the items) doesn't show a description, instead it says "Armor_Description"
  • When I went into the castle with Mileanyll and then came back, there was two of her: one with me, and a new one back in the pub.
  • Several times I picked up arrows that said they had high accuracy, but my inventory still only listed ordinary arrows and shadow arrows.
  • On random turns, my units would suddenly get full health. I don't know what made it happen, and if I loaded to before it happened, it usually didn't happen again.
  • When I unequipped my "short bow," the item was unequipped (later i could sell it) but I still had the attack option for it. See what I mean in the save below.
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  • I think the game would be more realistic and interesting if the units didn't heal every time they went up or down a floor. I usually wasn't worried about them dying because I knew I could just go up and down the staircase to try again.
  • I didn't like having to get items appraised. At the beginning of the game I needed money for lamp fuel and things, so it annoyed me to spend money just to see what my items did. Usually it didn't even tell me anything useful.
  • In Woodpecker's shop, at first I couldn't tell which number was the price and which was the quantity. It would be nice if those were labeled.
  • Is there a way to see how much lamp fuel I have left? I was never sure how much I needed to buy, or when I should go back to the top floor to buy more.
  • Sometimes enemies will appear and attack all in one turn. I think they should wait one turn before being able to attack so players have a chance to defend wounded units.
  • Most of game was very well balanced, but the armor all seemed useless because it did almost nothing. I sold all of the ones I found because healing potions were much more useful.
  • My biggest complaint: There were so many weapons I couldn't use! Even when I bought weapons from the store I couldn't equip them, and there seems to be no way to learn how to use them. I thought maybe I needed to get them appraised, so I wasted money there to. Finally I ended up selling all the new weapons back to the store, which paid back less than I bought them for originally so in the end I lost over a hundred gold and got nothing. I gave up playing because I had so many powerful weapons but was still stuck using a knife.
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Re: RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_p

Postby IIIO_METAL » July 21st, 2017, 12:14 pm

Hello Samonella, Thanks for the bug report.
It was very helpful because I got a detailed report. I am currently fighting with as many bugs as I can not count.
Your suggestions and impressions have also taught me points to be careful about. I added some ideas and improvements to the list.

Well, to practice these ideas later. First, after pulverizing the bug currently being discovered! ;)
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Re: RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_p

Postby zaimoni » September 5th, 2017, 3:59 am

Code: Select all
20170904 22:26:49 error config: Multiple [unit_type]s with id=acp_Dire_White_Rabbit encountered.
20170904 22:26:49 error gui/draw: Image: '~SCALE_INTO(265,265)' not found and won't be drawn.
20170904 22:27:00 error config: Multiple [unit_type]s with id=acp_Dire_White_Rabbit encountered.
20170904 22:27:00 error config: caught config::error: Failed to load the scenario

I hit this when working on resuscitating Wesband. (My previous attempt, Nov 2015, failed against Wesnoth 1.11.5-ish because of a lua-side bugfix applied in Wesnoth 11.1. I saw that Castle of evil spirit had managed to defeat this bugfix and has Wesband-like armor stats, so thought I'd try again).

It took a while to track down because there is no such unit id in Wesband. It's in the add_creature_pack; there are two copies of The Dire White Rabbit, so my local Wesband prototype fails to open because the duplicate unit id is a hard error.
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Re: RPG Campaign:"Castle of evil spirit" and "add_creature_p

Postby IIIO_METAL » September 14th, 2017, 11:17 am

Hello, zaimoni.
Thank you for creating a detailed report.

Wow! I seem to have made a foolish mistake. I uploaded a modified add_creature_pack.
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