[Complete] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

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[Complete] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by igorbat99 »

Date: 11-12 of July.
Time: from 13:00 to 21:00 (Mosсow, UTC+3).
Prizes: Cyberpunk 2077 (preorder key), Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete x2, Desperados III Season Pass
Version of game: Gog.com

link to registration: http://tour.wesnothlife.ru/tournament.p ... ng=english

Organizers: ReNoM, Darkkey, igorbat99, WLStream
Game Hosters: wl_bot_1, wl_bot_2, ..., wl_bot_16 & Organizers
Judges_prioritetes:(whom to whisper if you will have any problems) Darkkey, WLStream, flappy_bird

1. Main stage number of players is 32. If there will be less players, they will be replaced with freeslots. Players that got freeslots in the first round will automatically proceed to 1/8.
2. 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 are being played 11th of July, final part -- on 12th.
3. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and finals are played in best of one format, map for each game decided by players by vetoing map from provided mappool (each player bans 3 maps in turn, e.g.: 1st player, 2nd player, 1st player, etc.). Game will be played on last remaining map.
4. Final is played in best of 3 format, 1st map decided by vetoing, next ones are picked by loser of the last game.
5. Games of 1/8 round and finals/3-rd place matches are being played at the same time (13:00 on Saturday or Sunday), other games should start games at a moment when both players are decided.
6. Maximum delay of starting the game is 25 mins, after that absence side(s) will receive a technical loose.
7. If one of the players leaves the game, his opponent oblidged to notify judge and wait for 25 mins. If he won't return then his opponent gets technical win.
8. After game ends, winner must load replay on tournament website, loser must notify judge.
9. When player goes to next round, he waites while his future opponent's game end, and when his opponent is ready, they could have up to 25 mins break. If one of the players won't come after break, his opponent will get technical win.
10. Games will be hosted automatically with name "[Fast #5] {Player1} vs {Player2} (round)"
11. Forbidden to use observers with same IP-address as player's. After 3 tries, opponent of such player gets technical win.
12. Game settings: timer 240-240-240-0, shuffle sides, no mirror, use map settings.
13. Player gets win if his opponent:
а) wrote gg (good game).
b) quited without warning the player and didn't come back in 15 mins
c) lost leader.
d) refused to obey the organizer's request.
e) connected to stream of his game
f) quited from game more than 3 times
14. Spam, propaganda, insults, religious and political disputes are prohibited in the chat. In principle, in the chat you can only discuss the game.
15. Players mustn't play in 2 or more windows.
16. The following team colors could be used: "red", "green", "purple", "orange", "teal". You can pick color in game room by typing "color red" or something.
17. If game length exceeds 50 turns and/or more 3.5 hours, judge CAN on his own choose pick one of the players as winner of the match.

In game room you can type 'help' for getting more information about available commands for choosing colors and banning maps.

Map pool:
Caves of the Basilisk
Swamps of Dread
Clearing Gushes
Howling Ghost Badlands
The Freelands
Tombs of Kesorak
Elensefar Courtyard
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Re: [Open] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by neki »

Looks good. Am I allowed to cast games from this tournament?

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Re: [Open] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by igorbat99 »

@neki, could anyone forbid you to do it? xd
Yes, ofc, U're allowed to cast games for Fast#6

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Re: [Open] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by Sinter »

How do you register for the tournament? The link is broken.

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Re: [In Progress] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by Darkkey »

Hello Sinter, unfortunately registration was closed yesterday.

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Re: [In Progress] Fast#6, wesnothlife tournament

Post by yarae »

lol i am pitched against someone who came second at last tournament. I am new player, cut me some slack lol. ankit176

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