[Complete] International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by py6aka »

I see 6 game for myself, but i had played 3.. :) I think you did same mistake for other players.

Anyway, you had made a good job! :)
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by Ammazzalepri »

yea very pretty pies yummy!

the win ratio of hungary and poland is crazy just 1% of difference :augh:
But the win ratio doesn't count for the win, isn't it?
To win the tournament you had to gain rounds not single matches right? So what's the final ratio of rounds?
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by Wussel »

MirrorMate - highly recommended for rerolling mirrors quickly
Plan Your Advancement - accepted
CorpseMode - tolerated, but not recommended
Choose Your Flag - discouraged
Colour Your Flag - discouraged, because it makes observing unenjoyable for every observer without the add-on
Where do I find these? Grats to all winners!
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by Horus2 »

I managed to keep the flow of the tournament for two months, then i tumbled meters before the goal. I am aware that i should had announce the outcome and write the epilogue that is fitting for this tournament, and with each day passed, i felt i have to raise the bar for this writing. Believe or not, in the past two weeks i could not even write three lines of apology. Since there is no ray of hope that the circumstances will change till the end of christmas, i count on your forgiveness to consider this bulletin list the big thing.
  1. Russia
  2. Poland
  3. Hungary
  4. Italy

Now you probably think that one person cannot pull out an event of this caliber alone, and you are probably right... although i view my absence as a series of ridiculous misfortune that is might as well capable to wreck any planned process regardless the number of hosts.


PS: If you want to do me a favour, please grab the mic and hold the big speech. Hereby i give the right to every participact to do this at will.
PS2: It has been a pleasure to make this tournament for you.
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by ReNoM »

Thanks for your big work... and great job, Horus! It was a powerful and biggest Wesnoth event of the last years. It's not just my words, because the tourney caused really big interest from International, Russian, Poland, Hungarian and Italian Wesnoth communities. Russian players really happy to know that WE WON THE INTERNATIONAL TOURNEY!!!!! and that WE ARE BEST WESNOTH TEAM IN THE WORLD!!!!! Great job for our team, and big thanks for all other teams, especially for Poland team... it was really hard to get over Poland, but this fact made our victory more honorable.
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by Krogen »

Thanks for the organization and for the matches, in the name of the whole Hungarian Team and Community. And congratulations for the Russian Team for the victory. If there are going to be similar events in the future, you can count on us. And personally I hope we can have an International Tournament every year from now.
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Re: International Wesnoth Tournament 2016

Post by MasterBao »

Horus, sorry for didnt aswer fro qour qestions for the long time. Firstly i didnt understand what exactly do you need from me, after that was lack time.
About games: i saw all 7 games what represent in your nomination.
Firstly i refused aboud EPIC for games, wich looks like EPIC as rusult many mistakes of plaeyrs (often - very rude mistakes), like :
Nymmel vs Gravellu;
or some typical games for that situation, when ud vs drakes like Diomed vs Elderof ;or Kral vs Draghen; and Horus vs Draghen its close to typical then EPIC dispite on that fact that was well played;
Was perfect EPIC game Caritas vs Yuzur, where Yuzur suddenly could make the brakeout and put on dangerous Caritas leader. That game has Intensitly, and promotionly but I cannt say about qulity there, even Caritas made many errors there. More that that -that errors was the main couse of spectakilarity of that game:) then It gravitate that game in my first gruop, which i refused.
on that nomination;
Game Kral vs Caritas was cool, with with change favorites during the game/ But whole game was in one paradigm: rushing of the orcs;

Then my choise is game of ElderofZion vs mechanic as the most EPIC game/ Its was Exelense, promotion, intensity, and Comeback and this game took Elderof with terrible unusual unluck ( stats was with 20 % diferent in the Mechanic side whole the game, till during 38-40 turns!!!!!! My choise is ElderoffZion vs mechanic!
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