[Complete] PYRA Mudcrawler Is Devastating - The Tournament

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Re: PYRA Mudcrawler Is Devastating - The Tournament

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Well done!

Figure 7: Really, good job.

*appears out of thin air*

I'm still in debt with words.

While the reward for those who deserve it is also long overdue, i decided to make a bulletin from the lessons i learned from coordinating this event, so future organisers won't make the same mistakes.
  • Don't do it without a computer that is able to connect to the servers. Mine still can't. You will not be able to get in connection with players and oversee their activity span. Really, don't do it.
  • July and June are different months, even though the man who dubbed them tried really hard and ultimately succeeded to be one of the greatest trolls in human history.
  • Don't make a round robin of 8 players. It worked somehow once, but miracles are hard to reproducate.
  • More gradual activity filter is advised. This year's first week trial run was an experiment that did well, for noone got disqualified by it, but there MUST be another one before deadline. I did not want to act like a babysitter and tried to be generous with the scheludes of others, but now i consider it as a necessity.
  • Share the tasks with willing co-admins. Making contants, decisions, refreshing the first page and winning the tournament does not sound much, but without Mint, Blop, and in the early phase Abstract, this event would plunged into chaos before Round 2. I enjoyed doing the lion share in first PYRAMID, but not feeling authocratic in debatable issues has it merits.
  • Make era tournaments. All eras with lesser download counts struggle to see a spontaneous match between two strangers and has a fragile and inbreed community behind it. If you think an era deserves the attention, this is a great thing to do for it, and the net gain is positive, even if you make all the mistakes above.
For it was a remarkable tourmanent even with its flaws; i have seen nice matches and made an important balance decision, which will positively impact future plays, given the grind did not scare everyone away. I am also planning a small leader system reform. Words reached me that players like random leaders, even if the results are more often than not facepalm-positive, so there will be a new feature regarding that.
Thank you all for participating, and see you next time!

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