[Complete] Tournament of Champions 2v2 Results and Information

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Post by sargy »

well good news is we're through, pity we didn't get to play much, ty to steven and a disapointment that his ally is away and his replacement disappeared. Looks forward to next round :)
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Post by Sombra »

:) Sombra and Nordmann are victorious

Unfortunately Zephyr didnt show up so Flagtarget jumped in.
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zero1 & PhD vs F8_binds & Baufo & Garison

Post by PhD »

zero1 - Undead, PhD - Drakes
Baufo - Knalgans, Garison - Northerners

zero1 & PhD - Rebels
Baufo - Rebels, F8_binds - Undead

zero1 & PhD won both game.
Castle_Hopping_Isle_replay_12 and Morituri_replay_15
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Post by IB »

Code: Select all

Soliton & Pietro --------------
vs                             |- Soliton & Pietro
matoxxx & moonlight -----------

JW & Taurus & Myth ------------
vs                             |- JW & Taurus & Myth
Hhondar & Rzrzz & Karo --------

jb & Wintermute ---------------
vs                             |- jb & Wintermute
Kalis & telly -----------------

Sargy & Tux -------------------
vs                             |- Sargy & Tux
Horus & Steven  ---------------

IB & Kollle & Cham ------------
vs                             |- IB & Kollle & Cham
Cackfiend & LeakyPens ---------

zero1 & PhD -------------------
vs                             |- zero1 & PhD
F8_binds & Baufo & Garison ----

Dragonking & Noy & Becephalus -
vs                             |- Dragonking & Noy & Becephalus
krotop & ripfrench & ZOB ------

Sombra & Nordmann -------------
vs                             |- Sombra & Nordmann
Greywolf & Zeph & Flaktarget -- 
Lots of updates to teams and results added. Flagtarget? I thought it was Flaktarget.
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Post by greywolfexcel »

It is Flaktarget. ;)
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Post by IB »

Game 1 - Castle Hopping

IB - Undead
AI - Random - Loyalist

CF - Random - Rebels
LP - Random - Rebels

I resign about turn 22 after reaching the magic 100 extra taken damage. Damn those double hitting wose. Kollle made it late after some mix up with the time, but not in time to make any difference.

Game 2 - Mortuari

IB - Random - Drakes
Kollle - Random - Undead

CF - Loyalist
LP - Orcs

Some nice play by Kollle wins the game.

Game 3 - Loris River

IB - Random - Orcs
Kollle - Random - Rebels

CF - Dwarves
LP - Orcs

Kollle wins the north and I luckily hold the south. Resign on turn 15.
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What's happening ?

Post by sargy »

Why haven't we been put through ? IB i got your pm and have replied accordingly. Hope it is resolved soon as i need to make plans outside of the game and would like to know if we're thru, and when the 2nd round is being played.
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Post by IB »

Updated. I know jb vs kalis is 1 all and they will be playing the decider soon. Need to pm Noy and krotop and find out about their games. If everything goes to plan the second round will probably be starting Saturday.
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Post by krotop »

Sadly, our team is out of the tournament.

I won't be able to play until the 4th of march and ZOB actually can't replace me because of personnal complications. For the show to go on, we decided that the most simple was for us to declare forfeit. Average luck to all qualified contesters and may they enjoy the games to come.

Our apologizes to all but especially to IB for messing his organisation and the Noy's team for not letting them show their valor until the end of the round.

Thanks for organising such a tournament, we hope we're not toasted for the next ones as we did enjoy the little we participated.
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Post by jb »

Tux&Sargy: looks like you play the winner of our game. Our third game is shceduled for saturday, so you'll have to wait another day I fear.

Also, please add Haibane to our team, he is our 3rd alternate player.
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Post by TuxThePenguin »

We should be on later this evening if we can arrange a game.
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Post by Nordmann »

:) If the second round could start soon, we should ask for the used maps and further information. :) Or is a a good hold secret? :?:
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Post by Kalis »

Telly and I lose 2-1.

Castle Hopping: Team Hodor win
Not a replay unfortunately. It was a good match that could of gone either way.
Telly and I made some mistakes due to nerves, but overall it was a great battle.

Morituri: Kalis/Telly win.
Honestly, we got lucky. I n00bed up my start strat. If they have pushed early we would of lost.
Fortunately, no early push occurred, and we managed to come back for the victory.

Loris River: Team Hodor win
I was happy with the way I played. I went for an aggressive 4-thieves strategy (aiming for 12-3 backstabs). Unfortunately, too many misses against 40-60% defense units led to numerous enemy units surviving (on turn 6 or 7, my Damage Taken vs EV was at 100/171.9), which then let him tear me apart.

Not to detract from their victory. It was very well played by Wintermute and JB. But it was a no-contest battle, rather than a closely fought one unfortunately.
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Round 1, Game 3 result

Post by Wintermute »

Team HODOR wins game 3 and thus the series vs. Kalis and telly.

Kalis will be posting the replays from games 1 and 2.
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Post by Blarumyrran »


really, it would be kinda cool to have more clans. would give that epic feel.
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