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Merman --> Nereids

Post by DarkAmex »

"Marmaid" in italian is "Sirena" but either "Siren" in italian is "sirena" and there is an unit called "Mairmaid Siren" --> "Sirena Sirena"
:x so for "Marmaid" we can't use "Sirena".

Marman doesn't exist, but can be adapted with: Nereide, Sirenide, Marinide, Sirenottero, Sirenotto, Uomo di Mare, Nettuniano
"Uomo di mare" in italian is "sailor"
"Sirenide" could be either for "Marmaid" that for "Marman" but there is the "Marmaid Siren" that shoul be "Sirenide Sirena" that in italian has a bad sound...
"Marinide" Could be...
"Nettuniano" is very very bad
For "Sirenotto" :lol: and "Sirenottero" there is the problem for the female
"Nereide" is classical,
in Greek mythology, the Nereids (NEER-ee-eds) are blue-haired sea nymphs, the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris. They often accompany Poseidon and are always friendly and helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms. They are associated with the Mediterranean Sea. The most notable of them is Thetis, wife of Peleus and mother of Achilles; and Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon.

has a good sound that can be used for all units ("Nereide Sirena")
and is neuter because "Nereid" is "(daughter or son) of Nereus" and in the wesnothian legend there are sons of Nereus.
and, for this , in zoology there are "NEREIDI" (DE MAURO Dictionary):
TS zool., verme marino del genere Nereide o della famiglia delle Nereidi, i cui maschi salgono alla superficie poco prima del sorgere della luna, danzando vorticosamente attorno alle femmine | con iniz. maiusc., genere della famiglia delle Nereidi | pl. con iniz. maiusc., famiglia della sottoclasse degli Erranti [quadro 33]
and on "" (Nereis):
Any of various segmented burrowing marine worms of the genus Nereis, commonly used as bait for fishing. Also called nereis.
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Post by lwa »

In french, "ondin" (male), "ondine" (female) are water elemental spirits according the good old Littré dictionary (XIX century): ... uete=ondin

This words are mainly used in poetry and sound dated.
But, as it comme from "onde" (wave), it may be easily understand.
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Re: Mermaids

Post by Crommy »

<thread necromancing on>

As "Dead Water" is going mainline, this thread might become of wider interest. So I dared to revive it.

As the merfolk is put close to the Greek mythology I translated "Initiate" as "Nymphe", then I went in German for a Nordic names - so the Priestress translates as "Wassernixe" and the enchantress as "Meerjungfrau". The level three units went back to the Greek myths (Diviner became "Schaumgeborene" which is a German term for an alternative name for Aphrodite - sorry, I had been in Cyprus on holiday before :) and the Siren stayed a Sirene, as this is used in German as well.

The "Fighter" I renamed as "Seeknecht" - there is a medieval soldier type named "Landsknecht" so it fits.

The King-Line was harder as I didn't like the "child - young - soldier - warrior" mechanism: I started with "Dauphin" (the L0-Unit) - its the French name for the crown prince, but as well it has the connotation of "dolphin" - that was too good to reject, even in German (Thanks, France!). Then I went for some alliterations - "Perlenprinz" sounds young (as a pearl is something tiny and a prince is - often - young). Then "Soldatenkönig" (well "soldier king" had to - ok it has, especially in German, of course the connotation of Friedrich I, King of Prussia ;) - anyhow, as Kai Krellis is a fighting king it fits). And last but not least I opted for the alliterating "Flutenfürst" instead of "Warrior King".

The "citizen" became "Seebürger" - and the Brawler fell in line as "Seezänker".

To inspire myself, I went through Wikipedia, that happens to be a quite fruitful source for water spirits and similar ... asserwesen

<thread necromancing off :D>
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