[Request] Campaign Translation: DE>EN

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Re: [Request] Campaign Translation: DE>EN

Post by Inky »

And here's the epilogue- looking forward to play this campaign whenever it is ready! :D
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Re: [Request] Campaign Translation: DE>EN

Post by Bitron »

Thanks again, Inky. This really is a great help!
I found some time today to implement most of the English Strings for scenarios 9 to 11, though I have exams the next couple of weeks, so it'll go slow. But it surely is close to be complete.
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Re: [Request] Campaign Translation: DE>EN

Post by Alresu »

Inky wrote: July 9th, 2018, 10:31 pm (my favorite new word is "mickrig" :mrgreen: )
Well, it is a nice word.^^
People nowadays use it way to little.

Thanks again for your help, without you (and the others of course) it would take much more time to finish this.
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