Filipino translation suggestions

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Filipino translation suggestions

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I checked out the Fiipino translation today and it is still in the same state as when I saw it back in 1.8. First let me explain my credibility by saying that I am a native. In the Philippines I believe that most people who use computers know english, at the very very least the meaning of the words in the context for an interface menu, because almost nothing in any software applications in this world is ever translated to Filipino.. Also, there is no such thing as a MS windows, or a microsoft word whose interface is translated in tagalog, so any filipino who doesn't understand how to use the wesnoth interface menu if it is not in tagalog probably does not even know how to use a computer then.

----> So my point, and also my personal preference, is that I think for the Filipino translation the interface should remain in english, not like it is now, because we have gotten used to seeing our computer software interfaces in english, and only the unit descriptions, dialogues, and story parts should be translated. Or there could be two versions of the translation, one where the interface menu is intact and one where it is translated

I think it would be the preference of other filipinos so if there is another filipino here please add your comment..
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