Dialogs of a scenario are disappeared on the .po file

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Dialogs of a scenario are disappeared on the .po file

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Maybe, this should be on WML Workshop Forum, but I post here because it’s about translations.

The dialogs for an entire scenario in own have been disappeared on its .po file. The game has been playable without a problem in English on the scenario I am talking about, and it seems all other files are just fine. Could anyone tell me how or why it happens? Even just a guess will be appreciated. I am out of any ideas currently. Just in case, I attach the scenario file.


EDIT: as a reaction on the post below;

Aiieee! That is right. It is a small letter. Thanks, my master.:wink:
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Re: Dialogs of a scenario are disappeared on the .po file

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The problem is in this line:

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#textdomain wesnoth-Fate_of_a_princess
It must be

Code: Select all

#textdomain wesnoth-Fate_of_a_Princess
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