Feedback on iOS Dialog portraits (v1.13.10+dev)

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Feedback on iOS Dialog portraits (v1.13.10+dev)

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I played the PC version of Wesnoth before getting the iOS version and one thing that immediately struck me was the size of the dialog portraits. I do like the bigger portraits of the PC version much more! Let me show you what I mean:

iOS Version:
PC Version:
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Re: Feedback on iOS Dialog portraits (v1.13.10+dev)

Post by singalen »

Thanks for the report and sorry for late response.
I'm afraid it's the way core Wesnoth works now: the portraits are either scaled 1x or 2x.
It's visible that unit on PC versions are smaller, this means PC has a higher "logical" DPI. Physical DPI of iPad should be actually higher, but it's not the matter now.
Wesnoth decides that 2x portrait won't fit on iPad screen, and uses 1x zoom.

Though, it all needs to be changed when we do a modernized iPhone version, with screen layouts redone for smaller resolutions.
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