Ruin A Wish: Short stories

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Re: Ruin A Wish: Short stories

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After having the thought of wishing to fly, you came up with a better idea - But it was already too late. Your wish was granted, and you gained the ability to fly. After levitating in the air, you are overcome by the feeling that is what it's like to fly. Once you are back on the ground, you start thinking - What could be better than this? What could that idea, which is better than flying, be? Could there really be a wish superior to the one you've made? You've already forgotten the wish, and you cannot remember. Flying has lost its meaning. You no longer feel like doing it, since you are addicted to the idea that you can remember your 'better' wish. A meagre, hopeless effort. You fail to remember it, no matter how hard you try. You spend weeks upon months upon years of isolation trying to remember. Soon enough, you realize that you've been living sitting still on your chair, without food, water, sleep, or sanity. It was already too late, though. The thick layers of dust combined with someone else's wish that all dust will be made of metal has you imprisoned. You cannot move, but you soon hear someone knocking on the door. You try to yell for help, but it doesn't work. The person comes in anyway. Once he realized what has happened to you, he tried to break the metallic dust and free you of its binding grasp, thus ending your life. The dust had been around for too long, and, inexplicably, became one with you. Once he broke the thick layers of metal, he noticed that your body crumbled to pieces with it. However, you are still conscious. You are in pieces, unable to tell which speck of dust is which part of your body, but you can still hear and see. The stranger sits on your chair, seeing what seems to be the 'Ruin A Wish' thread, and makes a post on it. You can faintly see what it says, but once he starts typing his wish, you have already lost all consciousness - You cannot see, hear, or feel anything. Mentally, you are no longer a part of this world. Without knowing it, the stranger's wish was the one you came up with, but since you can no longer see, you do not read any of this. You never discovered what your 'better' wish was, yet everyone else did, but never realized it was your wish. You spent all of your life trying to remember what your wish was, but never managed to do so. A truly sand end.

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