4 Hints 1 Meaning

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4 Hints 1 Meaning

Post by Zatiranyk »

Hello people!

It seems this sub-forum is too quiet! No worries, I've got an idea :Awesome: . This game is inspired by the famous "4 Pics 1 Word". Have fun !


1) Find the thing that describes the 4 previous hints. Your solution must fit in by replacing each * with a letter.

2) When submitting a solution, write it in a spoiler tag. You can now make up a new meaning with the 2 previous hints and your 2 new ones. Everyone should be able to guess what it is. If you have no idea, you can let someone else find one. Give the result when you replace every letter with *. Write any special character in clear ( ' , - ...).

3) A hint can be anything you want (image, word, sentence...) as long as it complies with the Community Guidelines. However, try to not be too specific. A hint must be independent of the others. Hide images with a spoiler tag.

4) Wait 2 replies before re-posting.

5) If nobody find it, you can reveal some letters.

Template of a reply:
Example of 3 consecutive replies:

Let's begin!

As an exception, i'll give 4 hints so we can start :). If you find the solution, use the 3 and 4 to build your new meaning.

1) Cynsaun Battlefield

2) Hint

3) Definitely not a child in a car

4) Bus station

meaning: Pa******
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