1.0 congratulatory thread

General feedback and discussion of the game.

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Post by Taurus »

Congratulations everyone! Thanks for the awesome game :D
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Post by Gamabunta »

Dave wrote:And yes, I did submit a story about it to Slashdot. Not sure if they will post it or not.
Are you sure your servers are equipped for that? :wink:

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Post by afxgroup »

congratulations from Amiga people. Your game is really appreciated! :D
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Post by lazebule »

Yes!!!! It's a great game, i totally agree.
Thanx all!!!!!

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Congratulations, Dave and other developers!!! This amazing work will serve as a brilliant example for many-many opensource game developers.
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Post by Dave »

Gamabunta wrote:
Dave wrote:And yes, I did submit a story about it to Slashdot. Not sure if they will post it or not.
Are you sure your servers are equipped for that? :wink:
Jexiste has told us before that they think they can handle it.
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Post by TuxThePenguin »

A great game ; i've been playing extensivly since 0.9.1 and I think it is more fun than 99.9999% of commercial games. I hope that the game contines to grow and i look forward to future releases.


Post by Cironir »

Congrats to everyone who contributed to the game, and thank you for following through! :)

Some eighteen months ago when I discovered Wesnoth and started playing it, I wondered whether the project would die prior to 1.0 like so many other OSS games. I'm really happy that Wesnoth has grown from a promising cub into an adult tiger. You guys did great!

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Post by Xytan »

found the game in the net: played it for hours (and still playing it).
showed it to my kids: they still play and always want the newest version (they know most units stats... like they knew all the pokemons).
showed it to my friends: lots of ’em like and play it (the ’over 30’ fraction).
kids showed it to their friends: guess what happend... (the ’under 15’ fraction).

enough said, you know what it’s like ;)

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Post by Tout »

Congratulation to everybody!

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Post by Jaramir »


Good Work Everyone! :D

now on to 2.0..
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Post by Nothsa »

It's been fantastic watching this come together. Talented programmers, artists, musicians, campaign/story developers - Wesnoth is a really special example of how open source can accomplish great things. Thanks to Dave and all the others who have worked hard to create this game!

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Post by Neoriceisgood »

Poop, I wish I -had- made a new title picture for it; so that I could act even more vain about being so important to this project ;(
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Post by defsy »

Congratulations :!:

And many thanks for all the work everybody put into it. @)-`-,---

... and you know what? Apart from frozen-bubble, Battle for Wesnoth has been the only game that ever made me come back and play some more even after the first few weeks :D
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Post by Hieronymus »

Congratulations! Well done everyone, and especially Dave! :D

Thanks for making such a great game...

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