1.0 congratulatory thread

General feedback and discussion of the game.

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Post by darksteel »

The darksteel eye congrats the wesnoth Team.

The darksteel eye

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Post by Kamahawk »

Wooo! 1.0.

Wow it was almost two years ago when I found this game, I don't think I ever imagined back then that this project would grow so big or produce something so profesional (v0.5.0 was impresive for an open source project, but what we have today is mindblowing). Everyone feel free to pat themselves on the back.

:D P.S. I remember when Turin and EP were noobs, NOOBS! :D

-Kamahawk, contributor and player.

Edit: Double cheked the version I started playing at, was off by a little.
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Post by purki »

I've been playing wesnoth since 0.7 (since Christmas I think) and version 1.0 is very GREAT!!!!
:D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D
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Post by purki »

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Post by Zagloj »

purki wrote:I've been playing wesnoth since 0.7
Me too!!! And this game is great, it has changed a lot and the community has grown and... thanks, thanks for this game.

Bye ;)

Post by nightwish »

Relloged to say... congratulations. and a very big thank you. and an i'm sorry i haven't used the forum account to say anything to help you.

anyway, retreied it and i'm liking it, easy is really easy now, and i still suck anyway, so now it's playable :lol:
keep those campaigns coming for when i finish the "official" ones
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Post by Casual User »

Good afternoon!

I have to admit I haven't downloaded 1.0 yet ... but I have a three day weekend coming, so I might.

In any case, version 0.9.5 I play now is great as it is, and with 1.0 out ...

Congratulations and thanks to all those who made it. It's sincere, incidentally...

P.S. Keep it free, or I'll curse you to the end of my days ... or till I forget about it.
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Post by Keelta MacRonan »

1.0, 1.0. *swoon*.
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Post by freecraft »

La blablablal lala blala 1.0 blabla lala blalabla , 0.2 blabla la bla 1.0 bla !

Blablabla, la blabla lalal bla, 0.9.* blabla !? Blaa blla bla 0.8 bla ...

Blabla, blableblopers !!! Blablatulations bto blou! Blagreat Blagame!

Bsorry Blacoze blof lof bmy bla's ...


Cheers to 1.0 ! Too bad many unfinished languages are out ;) This may kill translating ... bla, you know I am bljoking ;)

Cheers !
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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

The Elvish Pillager rides through the forum, kidnapping random people and dragging them off to congratulate them.
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Post by pjr »

Me too. I've just finished HttT in 1.0, without noticing even the tiniest of bugs. To achieve so much in so short a time is impressive. Thanks to everybody who contributed.
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Post by ayk »

Congratulations !!! It's a great game!
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Post by Na'enthos »

Congrats, people! I have yet to see the latest version (the big 1.0!) but I am sure it is great. All of the work that's been done by all of you.. it's quite an achievement. :)
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Post by casueps »

Congratulations and thanks for the game.

It was the first turn based strategy game that I tried and since then i like this genre a lot, even though i had always liked real time strategy games.

It is great fun both single player and multiplayer.
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Bow down to the mighty Wesnoth team...

Post by infinity6 »

In case you guys haven't tired of hearing it yet, congratulations on a superb job! This is, far and away, the best open source game out there. Not only that, it has beaten out several of my *gasp* closed-source games for amount of time played and sheer enjoyment.

Yes, if it hadn't been for BfW, I might still have my job, my girlfriend, and my dog. Not to worry, with version 1.0 I can now download new campaigns and avoid my regular life through hours of gameplay! (Yes, this was an attempt at dark humor. In all honesty the game ROCKS!!! - And I never had a dog to begin with.)

Again, congratulations and thank you all for your time, effort, energy, and commitment to sharing this with the community at large. Best of luck with the future endeavors, and if any of you developers are ever in the Mannheim Germany area, you are invited out for a beer on me!
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