Cleave special for bows and crossbows

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Cleave special for bows and crossbows

Post by shevegen »

This is mostly for campaign developers - please consider the wording.

"Cleave" is often associated with melee weapons. That is, someone stands nearby a group of enemies,
then uses his axe (to give an example), and whirlwinds about (or perhaps not doing a full whirlwind
strike), and then cleaving more than one target.

For arrows and bolts, though, I believe the word "cleave" is a misnomer. I think since usually only a
single arrow or bolt is shot, it should not be called "cleave" - it should be called either "penetration"
or something like that; OR multishot (if several are fired). The word "cleave" as such appears to be
incorrect to me.

This is really just a tiny detail that is not very relevant, and so far I have only found it in one campaign,
but perhaps if people can consider this for the future, we may not have arrows that have the
"cleave" ability as such (it is also a bit confusing because sometimes it seems to be tied to melee,
even with a bow ... ).

Perhaps in the long run, it may be best for the wesnoth developers to have a general discussion
about names of abilities, including in add-ons, for use. People could still overrule it if they want to,
to allow for customization - but other than that, I think it may be best if everyone were to use the
same terminology that should, ideally, make sense. (Customizability should exist so that people
can continue to do non-standard campaigns, which may one day affect core wesnoth e. g.
unit advancements unlocking special features.)

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Re: Cleave special for bows and crossbows

Post by Pentarctagon »

I don't think there's any way we could realistically ensure things are named consistently throughout UMC, nor really would it be worth the time to verify it.
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