Increase multiplayer numbers?

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Re: Increase multiplayer numbers?

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Yeah, and here's the difference between all those projects and Wesnoth: When someone tries to do something, the dev team doesn't start trolling/flaming them until they drive them off. That's why they get more dev done in six months than Wesnoth has had in a decade. I say I'll make a thread to track events. Literally no effort required from the devs, at most 30 seconds of work from a forum mod to sticky it. Penta spends a day and a half making disingenuous arguments, decides it's not happening because, "it's incorrect" (the harm caused by an incorrect forum thread with tournament info will clearly have grave consequences) without any reasoning, claims they're going to do something else (spoilers, it won't happen) and then half the dev team flies in to rant and whine. The same thing that I've seen happen dozens of times over the years for other people and their efforts, like the ladder or Neki and his tournaments/videos. How do "Things Get Done" in Wesnoth? They don't, because anything/anyone that hasn't been in the works for years already is flamebait.

Wesnoth is the only project I know that actively chases away people trying to contribute, and even steps it up a notch by whining about how toxic the community is and how they don't have any devs. Yeah, that'll happen when your dev team drives off 90% of the community, because they're toxic themselves. I'm gonna leave, probably to never look at this again. You guys will continue to post flamey/trolley stuff that would get modded on a functional board, pat yourselves the back, and this topic will get buried with all the others. It's kinda like 4chan, except occasionally the 4-chan mods will step in when someone get's really out of hand, instead of doing most of the trolling themselves.
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Re: Increase multiplayer numbers?

Post by Pentarctagon »

I will admit I was surprised you were still posting, given how horrible you think we are. Don't let the proverbial door hit you on the way out.

In any case, I'll lock this now. If anyone else would like to discuss ways to get more people involved in multiplayer though, preferrably without going on a rant after being told volunteers wouldn't blindly implement all their ideas in our free time, please feel free. It is definitely a valid topic to consider.
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