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Post by Luc7y »

While looking by start wesnoth on terminal for debug-informations
with all add-ons runs, I must decode two _main.cfg`s
from utf-8-BOM to utf-8
now the errors was yesterday.
Also the new downloads from the add-ons are with the false codings.
Easy done with gedit - here is coming the chooser for save as with a option for the decodings to use
I copy the complete text on a new textpane in the editor and write over in such cases.

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Re: Codings

Post by The_Gnat »

Hello! Thank you for posting this, I am surprised this error has gone un-noticed for so long!

The add-on "Two_Brothers_Voice" is a one that I created. I will re-upload it with a proper utf-8 encoding :)
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Re: Codings

Post by nyov »

Hi. Actually a UTF-8 BOM is a perfectly valid thing for a utf-8 encoded file.
It's perhaps gone unnoticed as the file is still valid utf8 and the addon still works (I didn't test)?
Most editors/parsers just don't expect a UTF-8 BOM and can't handle it, sadly. Removing the BOM is good enough to make it a "proper utf-8 encoding". wrote: Some Windows applications, like notepad.exe, use UTF-8 BOM, whereas many applications are unable to detect the BOM, and so the BOM causes trouble. UTF-8 BOM should not be used for better interoperability.

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Re: Codings

Post by josteph »

@nyov You're right about UTF-8 BOM being valid UTF-8, of course. The thing is, wesnoth warns about BOMs when it encounters them: error config: Skipping over a utf8 BOM at foo.cfg:1. I don't know what the purpose of that warning is. Maybe it can be removed.

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