An unfinished Poem

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An unfinished Poem

Post by Computer_Player »

I wrote this (slightly modified) upon visiting the MP server, April 26 2019. I didn't know if there is a more appropriate place for this, if so I thank you, mods for moving it there. I would also not begrudge if this is wrong content, its just that, my feedback uncontrollably took the form of a poem.


Where are the heroes of yesterdays
Where are the epics and sagas of age
Where are the pioneers of spirit, the idols of heart?

Tell me to whom should I direct my feet
To watch master minds in speech and riposte
Or what arena to visit and
read the echoes of crazed berzerkers
in their ruins

You see, they clashed confident of valhalla
Or a tomorrow just like it

My lamp fails to find so many footsteps
Of artificers and weavers
Whose dreams' realization tortured
Rules and reality into giving birth
To glorious worlds and modes of playing -
Oh those ingenious tricksters!

Or is my lamp just too dim, obscured;
And my groping too cowardly to discern and see?

I remember ... a remembering
Of a vibrant people; of a fecund and glad host
Before tyrannies, schisms and exodi
A false recollection, I know,
yet the image loses none of its glamour

Or its glitter!

Tell me that they escaped to tomorrow.
A promised land for our desert wandering
That today's yoke and toil be easier
And the turns of fate be turns of hope.

Oh Narya, help us; help me - help us.
Beggar that I am of poor use and little skill
To wander to the true memory:
We are that people still.
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Re: An unfinished Poem

Post by Weiming_Liu »

I joined wesnoth in 2016. I remember that time it was like 50 players on ladder. To keep the community active we need new ¨core players¨. I aslo disappeared for long time due to working schedule but I like this game and I want to be able to meet player at the time I want to play 1 game or 2.


Wesnoth is based on simple rules but no doubt, the strategies and tactics are attractive! After 3 years of playing I still find new tricks and improve my skill. Like all the games of long history, old player go for work and few newcomers coming in, it´s on the path of decline.
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