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Re: On Mainlining Drake Campaigns

Post by Chewan » July 22nd, 2018, 8:58 pm

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SigurdFireDragon wrote:I’d prefer to mainline a drake campaign that takes place on/around the Great Continent.
Brave Wings (1.12) 237 YW -Takes place on the Shimmering Isle and surrounding area
The "surrounding area" would be mainly the Great Continent … :)
No less than 9 out of 14 playable scenarios take place between the coast and the interior, 6 of which in the Heart Mountains.
Historical background: the alliance of humans and elves against the orcs of the Far North
SigurdFireDragon wrote:An epic quest is what I think would be best to mainline
The quest may not be "epic" (nor are all in mainline), but the drakes play a part in contributing to end the war between the alliance and the orcs in the year 245 YW.
It appears to be written by SkyOne with the aim of being mainlined and seems to fulfill the requirements.

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