Malin Keshar Heterochromia

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Malin Keshar Heterochromia

Post by Argesilao »

Some time ago I noticed that Malin Keshar, in the Descent into Darkness campaign, is affected by heterochromia; it means that, like appear on his portraits, he has the eyes of two different colors.
The interesting thing is that his sister Dela is affected, always looking her portrait, by the same anomaly.
Finally, wen he has become a lich, in his portrait there is a litte blue light in the left eye cavity.
I opened a discussion in the Wesnoth Italian Forum, and another member wrote that, in the game Warcraft, the heterochromia is indication of a great magical potential; and, indeed, both the wizards of Alduin and his necromancer mentor recognize exceptional magical abilities in Malin.
So the question is: someone know what inspired the author of the portraits when he added the detail of heterochromy? :hmm:
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Re: Malin Keshar Heterochromia

Post by Xalzar »

It was a decision by the author of the portrait, LordBob.
See this thread.

He incidentally made Young Malin a bit squint and decided to leave him that way since he was from the countryside and was "bullied" in the magic academy.
Then he gained another "special" trait, the heterochromia. So his sister gained it too.
Someone suggested to leave "a memory" of his heterochromic eye in Lich Malin's portrait, so it was implemented as well.

AFAIK no Warcraft inspirations, but I could be wrong.
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Re: Malin Keshar Heterochromia

Post by Pentarctagon »

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