How does soulless level progression / AMLA work?

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Re: How does soulless level progression / AMLA work?

Post by revolting_peasant » October 22nd, 2017, 12:00 am

pauxlo: That live unit level caps are just fine (and of course I've noticed them...) - they have a coherent explanation. Goblins are a weak race and don't get far in life. Some specialty units are kind of a trade-off between continued development and getting that special skills. etc. No problem. But why can soulless level at all, but just once? I don't see the literary, um, what do you call it... aww, damn, what's that word? Presumption? Contrivance? Excuse? No, that's not it, there's some better word I'm missing.

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Re: How does soulless level progression / AMLA work?

Post by Vyncyn » October 27th, 2017, 10:46 am

The answer is simply balance. lvl 0 walking corpse is very weak and his plague attack means he has to kill units. If he wouldn't have any advancement all the exp you get will go to waste. Advancing him to lvl 2 or higher would be too strong since you could (theoretically) get infinte corpses through plague without having to worry about gold and upkeep.

Concerning the lore, his first advancement can be explained through physicall gains (since he kinda feeds on his enemies his strenght grows). At lvl 1 the soulless has reached his maximum strenght and can't advance anymore because he's too dumb to get any fighting experience.

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