LF name of old FFA map...

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LF name of old FFA map...

Post by Phenoca »

I want to do some mini 1v1 maps where each player has one or two towns and a keep with two spots to summon. I'm looking for some mini 1v1 maps.

There were six mini 1v1 maps in a 1v1v1 free for all, except the inner halves would rotate every two turns and all of the inner terrains and units would teleport clockwise! Looking for this map; it was made in 2014. (Edit: Found it.)

I'm also looking for some earlier 2006 maps for 1v1v1v1v1v1 FFA where each player has one one town and can summon units and there are no chokepoints it's just an open circular arena.
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Re: Just wanted

Post by josteph »

There's a 1v1v1 "Rotating War" map in trewe's "Valley of the Ancients" addon.
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Re: Just wanted

Post by Shiki »

Litte Ring in this add-on (1.12 version, runs on 1.14) and ArenaZ (on 1.14) go in that direction, too.
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Re: The name of old FFA map

Post by Daravel »


You can take a look at all the add-ons ever uploaded to the server here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... =231669847

You can filter the first column by 'map pack' which would probably have what you want - might be no easy way to work out which one you want though.
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Re: The name of old FFA map

Post by octalot »

3p Rotating War is part of the Valley Of The Ancients add-on.
The other one might be the Royal Rumble (which is the name of the add-on).

Both of these are already available for 1.14.
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