top 10 best units

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top 10 best units

Post by amanII »

notes:only mainline units count for this list and campaign units don't count either

dark adept
elvish avenger
troll warrior
direwolf rider
dwarvish sentinel
dwarvish lord
royal guard
honorable mentions
dryad(from extended era)
orcish slurbow
dwarvish loremaster

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Re: top 10 best units

Post by The_Gnat »

Hmmm thats a good question but units are highly situational of the top of my head I would say: (btw I haven't played khalifate or drakes much so i cant remember them well enough to compare :P )

Sorry about the order I changed my mind some ;)
10 - dwarvish dragon guard (huge range ok melee & just AWESOME)
8 - dwarvish lord (impact & blade & range)
7 - elvish marksman (powerful range)
6 - suarian skimisher line (everyone hates these 70% defense fast skimishing units that kill your wounded and healers)
3 - nightguant (resistance, backstab, night stalk, movement)
9 - orcish assassin (poison - properly controlled villages and you win)
4 - elvish avenger (ambush, good mixed fighter)
5 - knight (charge & movement)
2 - elvish champion (9-5 melee and a 9-3 bow)
1- arch mage (magical & because advances to lvl 4)
(In saying all this I personally consider that neutral/lawful/chaotic are equal)
(Also dwarves make up for their bad defense with good resistance - loyalists dont)
(Elves woodland defense gives them all a slight advatage)
(Undead suck against fire/arcane/impact and dont quite balance it out with their pierce blade resistance)
(Drakes move faster than most other units but I cant remember their attacks and hp)
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